1st Edition

European Politics Pasts, presents, futures

Edited By Klaus H Goetz, Peter Mair, Gordon Smith Copyright 2009
    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    424 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book arises out of a specially commissioned issue of West European Politics marking the journal's 30th anniversary. It examines the profound changes in the European political landscape over the last three decades, including the fall of Communism; progressive European integration; territorial restructuring; public sector reforms at European, national, regional and local levels; changes in democratic participation, protest, elections, political communication, political parties and party competition; and challenges to the welfare state. The book also discusses how political science has responded to these changes in terms of its substantive focus, concepts, methods and theories. Many of the 17 contributions included identify important challenges for the future, including those stemming from EU integration, the reduced electoral accountability of politicians, the problematic legitimation of party government and the sharpening of the edges of the state. Contributors include K. A. Anderson, F. C. Castles, C. Crouch, M. Egeberg. M. Ferrera, H. Goetz, L. Hooghe, E. M. Immergut, R. F. Inglehart, M. Keating, H.-D. Klingemann H. Kriesi, M. Lodge, J. Lovenduski, P. Mair, G. Marks, Y. Mény, L. Morlino, H. Obinger, V. A. Schmidt, P. C. Schmitter, and G. Smith.

    This book was published as a special issue of West European Politics.

    1. Trajectories of European Politics: An Introduction Klaus H. Goetz, Peter Mair and Gordon Smith  2. Change in European Societies since the 1970s Colin Crouch  3. Democracy and Changes: How Research Tails Reality Leonardo Morlino  4. Thirty Years of Territorial Politics Michael Keating  5. The European Welfare State: Golden Achievements, Silver Prospects Maurizio Ferrera  6. European Union? Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks  7. Changing Values among Western Publics from 1970 to 2006 Ronald F. Inglehart  8. Political Mobilisation, Political Participation and the Power of the Vote Hanspeter Kriesi  9. State Feminism and Women’s Movements Joni Lovenduski  10. The Changing Politics of Organised Interests Philippe C. Schmitter  11. The Challenge to Party Government Peter Mair  12. European Government(s): Executive Politics in Transition? Morten Egeberg  13. Governance as a Path to Government Klaus H. Goetz  14. Regulation, the Regulatory State and European Politics Martin Lodge  15. European Political Economy: Labour Out, State Back In, Firm to the Fore Vivien A. Schmidt  16. Worlds, Families, Regimes: Country Clusters in European and OECD Area Public Policy  Francis G. Castles and Herbert Obinger  17. Historical Institutionalism and West European Politics Ellen M. Immergut and Karen M. Anderson  18. Capacities: Political Science in Europe Hans-Dieter Klingemann


    Klaus H. Goetz is Professor of German and European Politics and Government at the University of Potsdam and a Visiting Fellow at the European Institute, LSE.

    Peter Mair is Professor of Comparative Politics, European University Institute.

    Gordon Smith is Professor Emeritus of Government at the LSE.