1st Edition

European Review of Social Psychology: Volume 26

Edited By Miles Hewstone, Antony Manstead Copyright 2016

    The European Review of Social Psychology (ERSP) is an international open-submission review journal, published under the auspices of the European Association of Social Psychology. It provides an outlet for substantial, theory-based reviews of empirical work addressing the full range of topics covered by the field of social psychology. Potential authorship is international, and papers are edited with the help of a distinguished, international editorial board.

    Articles published in ERSP typically review a programme of the author’s own research, as evidenced by the author's own papers published in leading peer-reviewed journals. The journal welcomes theoretical contributions that are underpinned by a substantial body of empirical research, which locate the research programme within a wider body of published research in that area, and provide an integration that is greater than the sum of the published articles. ERSP also publishes conventional reviews and meta-analyses. 

    All published review articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial screening and refereeing by the Editors and at least two independent, expert referees.

    The person-based nature of prejudice: individual difference predictors of intergroup negativity, Gordon Hodson and Kristof Dhont.  A dynamic model of engagement in normative and non-normative collective action: Psychological antecedents, consequences, and barriers, Julia C. Becker and Nicole Tausch.  Intergroup reconciliation: Instrumental and socio-emotional processes and the needs-based model, Arie Nadler and Nurit Shnabel.  Things we (don't) want to hear: Exploring responses to group-based feedback, Anna Rabinovich and Thomas A. Morton.  The presence of the past: Identity continuity and group dynamics, Anouk Smeekes and Maykel Verkuyten.  A sociocultural framework for understanding partner preferences of women and men: Review of concepts and evidence, Marcel Zentner and Alice H. Eagly.  The role of self-evaluation and envy in Schadenfreude, Wilco W. van Dijk, Jaap W. Ouwerkerk, Richard H. Smith, and Mina Cikara.  How self-regulation helps to master negotiation challenges: An overview, integration, and outlook, Andreas Jäger, David D. Loschelder, and Malte Friese.  Cognition is a matter of trust: Distrust tunes cognitive processes, Ruth Mayo.  European Review of Social Psychology Volume 26, 2015, Reviewer Acknowledgments.  Editorial board


    Hewstone, Miles