1st Edition

European 'Security' Governance

Edited By George Christou, Stuart Croft Copyright 2012

    This book argues that we can understand and explain the EU as a security and peace actor through a framework of an updated and deepened concept of security governance. It elaborates and develops on the current literature on security governance in order to provide a more theoretically driven analysis of the EU in security. Whilst the current literature on security governance in Europe is conceptually rich, there still remains a gap between those that do 'security governance' and those that focus on 'security' per se. A theoretical framework is constructed with the objective of creating a conversation between these two literatures and the utility of such a framework is demonstrated through its application to the geospatial dimensions of EU security as well as specific cases studies in varied fields of EU security.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of European Security.

    1. Introduction
    George Christou; Stuart Croft

    2. European Union security governance: putting the 'security' back in
    George Christou; Stuart Croft; Michela Ceccorulli; Sonia Lucarelli

    3. Theorising the EU's role in regional conflict management
    Michael Schulz; Fredrik Söderbaum.

    4. The EU's logic of security: politics through institutionalised discourses
    Sebastian Barnutz

    5. Experimenting in the northern laboratory: the emergence of an EU approach to security governance in the north and its broader significance
    Christopher S. Browning

    6. European Union security logics to the east: the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Eastern Partnership
    George Christou

    7. The European Union, security and the southern dimension
    Michelle Pace

    8. Constructing crises, (In)securitising terror: the punctuated evolution of EU counter-terror strategy
    Oz Hassan

    9. European Union discourses and practices on the Iranian nuclear programme
    Ruth Hanau Santini

    10. Security and migration: the development of the Eastern dimension
    Michela Ceccorulli

    11. Europe and the Israel-Palestinian peace process: the urgency of now
    Joel Peters


    George Christou is Associate Professor in European Politics, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.

    Stuart Croft is Professor of International Security, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.