1st Edition

European Social Policy and the Nordic Countries

Edited By Alan C. Neal Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  The contributions to this volume have been brought together and edited from presentations made to a two-day seminar held in Brussels with the financial and organisational support of the social affairs directorate of the European Commission on 15th and 16th May 1995. That seminar provided an important first opportunity, following accession to membership of the European Community by Finland and Sweden, for representatives of the Commission to discuss with delegates from all of the significant labour market organisations throughout the Nordic countries some of the challenges and fears raised by the superimposition of a European-level framework upon the fabled social structures of those Nordic countries.

    Contents: The Nordic Labour Markets and Systems of Labour Law: The Nordic countries and the European Commission’s medium-term social policy objectives, Herman van Zonneveld; The Nordic model in a European context, Alan C. Neal; The Danish industrial relations model, Jesper Due, Jørgen Steen Madsen and Carsten Strøby Jensen; The Finnish system of industrial relations and labour law, Niiklas Bruun; Labour legislation and industrial relationships in Iceland, Sigurdal Lindal; Labour law and the labour market in Norway, Stein Evju and Lars Holo; Labour law in Sweden: characteristic features in an international perspective, Tore Sigeman. European Union Perspectives on the Nordic System: Nordic labour markets and European social policy: issues for the European Commission, Carlo Savoini; Nordic labour markets and European social policy: a perspective from UNICE, Nils Trampe; Nordic labour markets and European social policy: the ETUC perspective, Jean Lapeyre; Nordic labour markets and European social policy: a comment from the CEEP perspective, Enzo Avanzi; Nordic labour markets and the European Union, Alan C. Neal. Selected Background Documentation: Treaty establishing the European Community; Protocol (No. 14) on social policy; Agreement on social policy; Protocol concerning article 119 of the treaty establishing the European community; Agreement on the European economic area; Declaration (no. 24) by the governments of the EFTA states on the charter of the fundamental social rights of workers; The European Commission’s medium-term social action programme.


    Alan C. Neal

    ’The vignettes presented by distinguished speakers from the five States covered give a very clear insight into the social dialogue which operates in each location...a highly readable book...’ New Law Journal ’...a rich body reference for those interested in the experience of the Nordic model of labour law and industrial relations...’ European Access Plus 'The contributions taken in conjunction, reveal in a clear and coherent manner the contours of the so-called "Nordic Model" and subsequently analyse what impacts European Union law has had or may have upon existing structures and traditions. The comparative nature of the project provides the reader with clear insights into the similarities and disparities existent in the respective Nordic welfare and labour regimes...' Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law