1st Edition

European and Native American Warfare 1675-1815

By Armstrong Starkey Copyright 1998

    Re-examines the European invasion of North America in the 17th- and 18th- centuries. Challenging the historical tradition that has denigrated Indians as "savages" and celebrated the triumph of European "civilization", the author of this text presents military history as only one dimension of a more fundamental conflict of cultures. Combining the perpsectives of ethnohistory and military history, the text provides an evaluation of the evolution and influence of both Indian and European ways of war during the period. Significant conflicts such as King Philip's war in New England, 1675-1676 notable due to the number of armend Indians, the French and Indian wars, the Amercian War of Independance and their conquest of the old Northwestbetween 1783-1815 are analyzed.

    Introduction: raiders in the wilderness; the Indian way of war; the European background to North American warfare. Total war in New England: King Philip's war 1675-76 and its aftermath; Indians and the war for Empire 1689-1763. Wars of Independence: the revolutionary frontier 1744-83. Last stands: the defeat of Indian resistance in the Old Northwest 1783-1815.


    Armstrong Starkey

    'Starkey has given his readers a useful bibliographical guide and a thought-provoking analysis.  The attractive paperback should find a place on many a student bookshelf.' - John Oliphant, The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History