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Evaluating Climate Change and Development

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Published January 15, 2010 by Routledge
452 Pages

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Book Description

Climate change has become one of the most important global issues of our time, with far-reaching natural, socio-economic, and political effects. To address climate change and development issues from the perspective of evaluation, an international conference was held in Alexandria, Egypt. This book distills the essence of that timely conference, building on the experiences of more than 400 reports and studies presented.

Developing countries may be particularly vulnerable to the expected onslaught of higher temperatures, rising sea levels, changing waterfall patterns, and increasing natural disasters. All societies will have to reduce their vulnerability to these changes, and this book describes how vulnerabilities may be addressed in a systematic manner so that governments and local communities may better understand what is happening. Different approaches are also discussed, including the use of human security as a criterion for evaluation as well as ways to deal with risk and uncertainty. Evaluating Climate Change and Development presents a rich variety of methods to assess adaptation through monitoring and evaluation.

The volume deals with climate change, development, and evaluation; challenges and lessons learned from evaluations; mitigation of climate change; adaptation to climate change; vulnerability, risks and climate change; and presents a concluding chapter on the road ahead. Collectively the authors offer a set of approaches and techniques for the monitoring and evaluation of climate change.

Table of Contents

Monique Barbut

The Dual Challenges of Climate Change and Development
Rob D. van den Berg and Osvaldo Feinstein

Part I: Climate Change, Development, and Evaluation
(Rob D. van den Berg and Osvaldo Feinstein, editors)

1. Food, Feed, Fuel, and Climate Change: Challenges, Threats, and Possible Actions
Ismail Serageldin

2. Evaluating Climate Change and Development
Robert Picciotto

3. Climate Change, Development, and Evaluation: Can Flexibility Mechanisms Promote Sustainable Development?
Joyeeta Gupta

Part II: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Evaluations
(Rob D. van den Berg and Osvaldo Feinstein, editors)

4. Challenges for the Evaluation Community
Osvaldo Feinstein

5. Early Lessons from Analysis of the AFD/FFEM Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Portfolio
Alain Ries, Koulm Dubus, and Jean David Naudet

6. Evaluation Techniques for Disaster Assistance Projects: Toward Multi-Disciplinary Approaches
Claudine Voyadzis and Bastiaan de Laat

7. Using Impact Evaluation to Increase the Efficacy of Climate Change Interventions
Howard White

8. Challenges for Evaluating Adaptation to Climate Change within the Context of Africa
Fatima Denton

Part III: Mitigation of Climate Change
(John Soussan and Juha Uitto, editors)

9. The Mitigation of Climate Change
John Soussan

10. Overview of Climate Change Mitigation Evaluations: What Do We Know?
Siv Tokle and Juha I. Uitto

11. Contributing to Global Benefi ts or Supporting Local Sustainable Development: Evidence from a Global Evaluation of UNDP's Program
Howard M. Stewart, Juha I. Uitto, and Michael P. Wells

12. Macroeconomic and Sectoral Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation in Thailand
Govinda R. Timilsina

13. Measuring the Impact of Chinese Provincial CDM Centers for Local Market Development
Miriam Schroeder

14. The Impact of BACIP Energy-Efficient Products on Domestic Fuel Savings in Northern Pakistan
Nahida Khudadad and Qayum Ali Shah

Part IV: Adaptation to Climate Change
(Osvaldo Feinstein, editor)

15. Monitoring and Evaluation of Adaptation to Climate Change Interventions
Osvaldo Feinstein

16. Evaluation of Adaptation to Climate Change from a Development Perspective
Merylyn McKenzie Hedger, Lisa Horrocks, Tom Mitchell, Jennifer Leavy, and Martin Greeley

17. Lessons on M&E from GEF Climate Change Adaptation Projects
Ivan Dario Valencia

18. A Framework for Evaluating Adaptation to Climate Change: Evaluating Climate Change and Development
Jennifer Frankel-Reed, Nick Brooks, Pradeep Kurukulasuriya, and Bo Lim

19. Climate Change and Adaptation Accounting for Flood Hazard in Bangladesh
Monirul Qader Mirza

Part V: Vulnerability, Risks, and Climate Change
(Nancy MacPherson and Fatima Denton, editors)

20. Vulnerability, Risks, and Climate Change
Nancy MacPherson

21. Using Monitoring and Evaluation to Strengthen Climate Adaptive Capacity
Nathalie Beaulieu, Fatima Denton, Victor Orindi, Simon Carter, and Simon Anderson

22. Making Adaptation Work for the Vulnerable: An Approach for Assessing Community-Based Interventions
Balgis Osman-Elasha, Erika Spanger-Siegfried, Bill Dougherty, and Nagmeldin Goutbi

23. Vulnerability Assessment as a Tool to Build Resilience among the Coastal Community of Mauritius
Kheswar Beehary Panray, Guruprakash Noyensing, and Krisna Muni Reddi

24. Lessons Learned from Participatory Vulnerability Assessments in Nepal
Ram Chandra Khanal

25. Evaluation of Adaptation to Climate Change and Climate Risk Screening
Sreeja Nair, Thomas Tanner, and Suruchi Bhadwal

Part VI: The Road Ahead

26. The Future of Evaluating Climate Change and Development
Rob D. van den Berg and Margaret A. Spearman


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