1st Edition

Evaluation and Assessment in Educational Information Technology

    236 Pages
    by CRC Press

    236 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Choose the right hardware and software for your school!

    This unique book is the first systematic work on evaluating and assessing educational information technology. Here you?ll find specific strategies, best practices, and techniques to help you choose the educational technology that is most appropriate for your institution. Evaluation and Assessment in Educational Information Technology will show you how to measure the effects of information technology on teaching and learning, help you determine the extent of technological integration into the curriculum that is best for your school, and point you toward the most effective ways to teach students and faculty to use new technology.

    Evaluation and Assessment in Educational Information Technology presents:

    • a summary of the last ten years of assessment instrument development
    • seven well-validated instruments that gauge attitudes, beliefs, skills, competencies, and technology integration proficiencies
    • two content analysis instruments for analyzing teacher-student interaction patterns in a distance learning setting
    • an examination of the best uses of computerized testing--as opposed to conventional tests, as used in local settings, to meet daily instructional needs, in online delivery programs, in public domain software, and available commercial and shareware options
    • successful pedagogical and assessment strategies for use in online settings
    • a four-dimensional model to assess student learning in instructional technology courses
    • three models for assessing the significance of information technology in education from a teacher?s perspective
    • an incisive look at Michigan?s newly formed Consortium of Outstanding Achievement in Teaching with Technology (COATT)
    • ways to use electronic portfolios for teaching/learning performance assessment
    • and much more!

    Assessing Learning in the New Age of Information Technology in Education </li><li> Instrument and Testing </li><li> Instruments for Assessing the Impact of Technology in Education </li><li> Using Interaction Content Analysis Instruments to Assess Distance Learning </li><li> Computer Testing in Education: Emerging Trends </li><li> Current Trends and Practices </li><li> Effective Practices in Distance Education </li><li> Assessing Student Learning in Instructional Technology: Dimensions of a Learning Model </li><li> New Directions in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Educational Technology </li><li> Another Perspective on Assessing the Significance of Information Technology in Education </li><li> Evaluation of a Faculty Development Model for Technology Use in Higher Education for Late Adopters </li><li> Technology Training for Teacher Education in Jamaica: A Case for Needs Assessment </li><li> COATT: A State-Wide Initiative to Evaluate and Improve Teacher Technology Education </li><li> Technology 2000: Using Electronic Portfolios for the Performance Assessment of Teaching and Learning </li><li> Assessing Technology Based Instruction in Biology and Geography </li><li> Index </li><li> Reference


    D Lamont Johnson (North Carolina State University, USA.) (Author) , Cleborne D Maddux (University of Nevada, USA) (Author) , Leping Liu (College Of Education, Reno, NV, USA) (Author) , Norma Henderson (Author)