1st Edition

Evaluation of Employee Assistance Programs

By Marvin D Feit, Michael J Holosko Copyright 1988

    This timely book brings together for the first time critical information about the evaluation of employee assistance programs. Although EAPs have existed for over 40 years, the assessment of their value has been fragmented. Contributors to this new volume--blending practical and academic insights--document concerns, address the newer issues and developments in the field of EAPs, and present case examples of actual evaluations. The range and diversity of topics reflect EAPs in transition, their growth patterns, evaluation needs, and evaluation methods. Overall, this important volume emphasizes that successful evaluations depend not only on methodological expertise but a consideration of much broader salient and societal issues.

    Contents EAPs: Assessing How They Work
    • Section I: “State-of-the-Art” of the EAP Field
    • Economic Change and Social Welfare: Implications for Employees’ Assistance
    • EAPs in Transition: Purpose and Scope of Services
    • A Comparative Analysis of In-House and Contractual Employee Assistance Programs
    • Section II: The Context of EAP Evaluations
    • Prerequisites for EAP Evaluations: A Case for More Thoughtful Evaluation Planning
    • Paving the Way for EAP Evaluations: Implications for Social Work
    • Issues to Consider in Planning Employee Assistance Program Evaluations
    • Evaluating Employee Assistance Programs: Obstacles, Issues, and Strategies
    • Evaluating Organizations Through an Employee Assistance Program Using an Organization Development Model
    • Formative Evaluation of EAPs by Studying Role Perceptions and Organizational Cultures
    • EAP Benefit and Cost Structure Analysis: A Suggested Estimation Method
    • A Framework for Evaluating Employee Assistance Programs
    • Assessing Employment Assistance Programs: Evaluation Typology and Models
    • Section III: Case Examples of EAP Evaluations
    • Employee Assistance Program Evaluation in a Federal Government Agency
    • A Brief Overview of Research Techniques Used to Evaluate Three Employee Assistance Programs Through the Family Service Association of Metropolitan Toronto Experience
    • The Development and Evaluation of a Case Management System in an Employee Assistance Program
    • One Organization’s Experience in a Case Management/EAP Program: Implications for Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Establishing and Evaluating an Industrial Social Work Programme: The Seagram, Amherstburg Experience
    • Evaluating the Development of Employee Assistance Programs in Rural Communities
    • Employee Drug and Alcohol Use Estimates: Assessment Styles and Issues
    • Section IV: Epilogue
    • Onward and Upward


    Marvin D Feit, Michael J Holosko