1st Edition

Event Tourism and Sustainable Community Development Advances, Effects, and Implications

    334 Pages 16 Color & 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    334 Pages 16 Color & 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    The event tourism business has become more and more essential to community development in countries around the world, helping to increase the appeal of specific destinations and generating huge economic benefits for the communities of the destinations, impacting local economies. With examples from India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Portugal, Argentina, and Zimbabwe, this volume provides a valuable examination of sustainable community development in conjunction with event tourism along with helpful tools for promoting, organizing, and hosting successful events.

    This book looks at a wide range of festivals and other events around the world and examines their impact on tourism, sustainability, local culture and community, and community development. It highlights rural as well as urban event tourism, event tourism during and after COVID–19, how event tourism impacts women’s empowerment, promoting event tourism and community development, new opportunities and challenges in event tourism education, and more.

    1. Tracing the Journey of Event Tourism: Co-Evolution to Synergic Merger

    Samik Ray

    2. Pull Factors That Influence Millennials to Visit the Citrawarna Cultural Festival

    Ahmad R. Albattat, Nur Amirah Binti Mazme, Trisha Anne Joseph, Wan Ahmad Azfaruddin, Azif, and Ainul Husna Abdullah

    3. Effects and Implications of Event Tourism on Sustainable Community Development: A Review

    Parag Sunil Shukla and Sofia Devi Shamurailatpam

    4. Rural Event Tourism and Community Development

    Karabi Kabir and Md. Ashikur Rahman Avi

    5. Growth and Development of Catamaran: A New Luxury Tourism Demand

    Anukrati Sharma and Shruti Arora

    6. Role and Importance of Event Tourism in Economic and Social Development

    Jeetesh Kumar and Farhad Nazir

    7. The Terror, the Spectacle, and the Worker: The Role of Security Guards in the Organization of Mega Events and Festivals

    Maximiliano E. Korstanje

    8. Advancing Women’s Roles and Empowerment in Event Tourism in Rajasthan

    Ekta Dhariwal

    9. Collaborative Involvement of Major and Minor Stakeholders for Organizing Community Events

    Monika Barnwal and Vijay Kumar

    10. Promoting Events and Festivals through Digital Marketing Tools: A Conceptual Framework

    Betül Kodas

    11. Events Create Successful Destination Imaging: Case of the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival

    Kaplan Uðurlu and Aydemir Ay

    12. A Feasibility Study of Resurrecting Elephant Marriage in Mondulkiri as a Tourism Event: Case Studies of Pu Tromand Pu Tang Villages

    Orn Kimtek

    13. Antecedents and Challenges of Sustainable Event Management Practices in Sri Lanka

    A. M. D. B. Nawarathna and R. S. S. W. Arachchi

    14. Event Organization Issues and Challenges for Disabled Youths

    Sharala Subramaniam, Thilagavathi Shanmuganathan, Ang Pei Soo, and Jeetesh Kumar

    15. Case Study of Tripura as a Destination Brand with Post-Pandemic Perspectives

    Manishankar Chakraborty

    16. Impact of Pandemic Crisis and Challenges on Event Tourism

    Santus Kumar Deb and Shohel Md. Nafi

    17. Opportunities and Challenges in Event Tourism Education

    Abdullah Uslu and Erkan Gunes

    18. Enhancing Entrepreneurship in the Event Tourism Industry

    Anurodh Godha

    19. Rural Event Tourism: Developing Sustainable Rural Event Tourism for the Development of the Community

    Anila Thomas


    Ekta Dhariwal, PhD, is a social activist and Founder President of the NGO Aksham Kalyan Sansthan, India. She is a member of the Board of Management at the University of Kota, Rajasthan, India. She is a motivational speaker and has published several books and research papers in national and international journals. Dr. Dhariwal has been awarded a Sumatra Women Entrepreneurship Award in 2016 and Do Your Venture–Women Entrepreneurship Award in 2021 by the Indian Institute of Management.

    Shruti Arora, PhD, is a guest faculty in the Department of Commerce and Management, University of Kota, Kota, Rajasthan, India. Her research has been published in national and international journals. She has authored the book Event Management and Marketing: Theory, Practical Approaches and Planning and co-edited Event Tourism in Asian Countries: Challenges and Prospects. Her description of the term “Food Walk Tourism” is published in the Encyclopedia of Tourism Management and Marketing.

    Anukrati Sharma, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Commerce and Management, University of Kota, India. She has edited several books, including Overtourism: A Risk for Tourist Destinations: Impacts and Solution and Handbook of Information Technology and Communication on Tourism and Hospitality, among others. She has attended national and international conferences, presented over 45 papers, and given many talks, lectures, and panel discussions.

    Azizul Hassan, PhD, is a member of the Tourism Consultants Network of the UK Tourism Society. His areas of research interest are hospitality-related technology-supported marketing, immersive technology applications, and the hospitality industry in developing countries. He has authored over 100 articles and book chapters in leading tourism outlets. He is also part of the editorial team of 15 book projects and is a regular reviewer for tourism journals.