852 Pages 122 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    852 Pages 122 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    A must-have introductory text of unrivalled coverage and depth focusing on events planning and management, the fourth edition of Events Management provides a complete A to Z of the principles and practices of planning, managing and staging events.

    The book offers a systematic guide to organising successful events, examining areas such as event design, logistics, marketing, human resource management, financial planning, risk management, impacts, evaluation and reporting. The fourth edition has been fully updated and revised to include content covering technology, including virtual and hybrid events, concepts such as social capital, soft power and events, social inclusion, equality, accessibility and diversity, and the latest industry reports, research and legal frameworks. The book is logically structured and features new case studies, showing real-life applications and highlighting issues with planning events of all types and scales in a range of geographical locations.

    This book has been dubbed ‘the events management bible’ and fosters an interactive learning experience amongst scholars of events management, tourism and hospitality.

    Section 1: Event Context 

    1. An Overview of the Event Field 

    2. Perspectives on Events 

    3. The Event Planning Context 

    4. Event Tourism Planning 

    5. Sustainable Event Management 

    Section 2: Planning 

    6. Strategic Event Planning 

    7. Conceptualising the Event 

    8. Event Project Management  

    9. Event Financial Planning 

    10. Human Resource Management and Events 

    11. Marketing Planning for Events 

    12. Promotion: Integrated Marketing Communication for Events 

    13. Sponsorship of Events 

    Section 3: Event Operations and Evaluation 

    14. Event Design and Production 

    15. Event Logistics 

    16. Legal Considerations in Event Planning and Management 

    17. Risk Management 

    18. Evaluation and Research


    Glenn A. J. Bowdin - Principal Lecturer in Events Management, UK Centre for Events Management, School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Leeds Beckett University, UK

    Johnny Allen - Formerly Foundation Director, Australian Centre for Event Management, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

    Rob Harris - Director, Event Training Australia, Sydney, Australia

    Leo Jago - Griffiths University, Brisbane, Australia

    William O’Toole - International Events Development Specialist, Sydney, Australia, Event Project Management System, Sydney, Australia

    Ian McDonnell - Formerly Senior Lecturer, School of Leisure, Sport and Tourism, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia