2nd Edition

Every Doctor Healthier Doctors = Healthier Patients

    286 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    286 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The second edition of this well-received text advocates for a transformational change in the way doctors protect their mental health, look out for their colleagues, co-create a kinder, more humane work culture and lead health system reform. Offering practical strategies and real solutions, based both on medical literature and the wisdom of experienced doctors, the new edition reimagines healthcare, where every doctor is encouraged and supported to:

    • Prioritise psychological wellbeing and physical protection
    • Promote healthy workplace cultures, fairness and safety
    • Build strong relationships by sharing challenges
    • Save lives through medical co-leadership
    • Rediscover the joy in medicine

    Brimming with poignant and hopeful stories and quotes from a diverse array of doctors from many different specialities and at all career stages, the book is a celebration of the growing global interconnectedness and the changing face of the medical profession. An invaluable support and companion for those in the early years of medicine, Every Doctor is a must-read for all doctors across all specialties and wherever they practise in the world, because exemplary care of patients, peers, profession and self is a lifelong journey.

    Part 1: Every Doctor prioritising psychological and physical protection first

    1. Re-writing personal stories of hope

    2. Staying mentally strong under pressure

    3. Making time for what matters most

    4. Reassessing goals in all dimensions of life

    5. Rethinking optimism with self compassion

    6. Preventing and managing burnout

    7. Sleeping well naturally night or day

    8. Nurturing loving relationships at home

    9. Trusting our own treating doctor

    Part 2: Every Doctor promoting healthy workplace cultures, fairness and safety

    10. Co-creating kinder cultures and clinical teams

    11. Responding to challenging interactions with patients

    12. Learning from mistakes, complaints and clinical incidents

    13. Calling out conscious and unconscious biases

    14. Eliminating discrimination, racism, sexual harassment, and bullying

    15. Confronting Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    16. Preventing and managing patient initiated violence

    Part 3: Every Doctor building strong relationships by sharing challenges

    17. Mentoring every junior doctor

    18. Preventing and identifying mental injury

    19. Reducing mental illness stigma

    20. Helping colleagues seek early mental health care

    21. Improving every doctors’ mental health literacy

    22. Supporting colleagues with mental illness

    23. Learning from loss, grief and serious physical illness

    Part 4: Every Doctor saving lives through medical co-leadership

    24. Making medical organisations work for us

    25. Practising leadership values and ethics

    26. Advocating through publishing and public speaking

    27. Honouring inspirational stories of medical co-leadership

    28. In conclusion



    Leanne Rowe General Practitioner and Past Deputy Chancellor, Monash University, Australia.

    Vihangi Abeygunawandana Intensive Care Registrar, Northern Health, Australia.

    Michael Kidd General Practitioner and Past President, World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA).

    "Michael, Vihangi and Leanne are indeed the best doctors to author Every Doctor because they have demonstrated in this book how much they understand about us as medical practitioners, as leaders and advocates, and about our journeys and our future. They share precious experience and offer precious advice." - Dr Donald Li, Hong Kong, China; Past President, World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA).

    "This book will challenge, question and support us to be more aware of both the risks we run as doctors, and how we can deal with them effectively and fruitfully. Read it alone, or with colleagues, and then discuss – it will be worth it." - Professor Amanda Howe OBE, Past President of the Royal College of General Practitioners, UK; Past President, World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA).

    "Many healthcare professionals view their future, and their patients’ futures, with dismay, feeling theirs is a profession under siege. This book has many fine and practical suggestions for improving one’s life as a clinician. All of these recommendations – and more besides -- come with practical exercises to help clinicians to manage them. For this reason, I would recommend this brief book, not just for every doctor, but also for any health care professional … the kind of caring and active listening encouraged by Rowe and Kidd strengthens the bond between patient and professional and assures the patient the clinician will always be there for them. This book will help clinicians be more resilient and less liable to feel "under seige" - Philip C Hébert MD PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Sunnybrook, Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto, Canada.

    "What a gift this would’ve been when I first started as a doctor, a four-part blueprint for self-care not just physically but mentally, a guide to shaping medical workplaces that are fair and nurture rather than crush its workers, a reminder that our tribe of fellow health practitioners can be our strongest supporters, and a call to action not to sell ourselves short as powerful medical leaders... It’s real stories from our colleagues brave enough to share their vulnerable times that only strengthen the bonds of collegiality and remind us not to always expect plain sailing... I highly recommend." - Grant Blashki, practising GP, Lead Clinical Advisor for beyondblue, and an Associate Professor at the Nossal Institute and the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia.