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Everyday Memory

ISBN 9780415647625
Published January 30, 2014 by Psychology Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

This book presents an authoritative overview of memory in everyday contexts. Written by an expert team of international authors, it gathers together research on some of the more neglected but revealing areas of memory, to provide a comprehensive overview of remembering in real life situations.

Contributions from leading experts deal with a variety of important questions concerning everyday memory, from under-researched areas such as memory for odours, to more well known areas, like collective memory. Topics covered also include:

  • Beliefs about memory and the metaphors used to discuss memory
  • The relation between self-referent beliefs and actual memory performance
  • The development of autobiographical memory.

Everyday Memory summarises current knowledge and presents new interpretations and hypotheses to be explored by future research. It discusses aspects of human memory which are frequently ignored or dealt with only very briefly by ordinary textbooks and as a result will have a broad appeal for researchers and students.

Table of Contents

Introduction. By Svein Magnussen and Tore Helstrup

Chapter 1. What do people believe about memory, and how do they talk about memory? By Svein Magnussen, Tor Endestad, Asher Koriat and Tore Helstrup,

Chapter 2. Visuo-spatial thinking, imagination, and remembering. By Hubert Zimmer, Svein Magnussen, Mary Rudner and Jerker Rönnberg

Chapter 3. Action events in everyday life and their remembering. By Hubert Zimmer, Tore Helstrup and Lars-Göran Nilsson

Chapter 4. Underestimated sensations: Everyday odour memory in clinical and forensic settings. By Maria Larsson and Annika Melinder

Chapter 5. The development of autobiographical memory. A new model. By Gail S. Goodman and Annika Melinder

Chapter 6. Collaborative memory: How is our ability to remember affected by interaction with others? By Jan Andersson, Tore Helstrup and Jerker Rönnberg

Chapter 7. Memory illusions and false memories in the real world. By Gail Goodman, Svein Magnussen, Jan Andersson, Tor Endestad, Lene Løkken and Cathrine Mostue.

Chapter 8. Memory sensitivity in autobiographical memory. By Cesare Cornoldi Rossana De Beni and Tore Helstrup.

Chapter 9. Memory experts. Visual learning, wine tasting, orienteering and speech reading. By Rosanna De Beni, Cesare Cornoldi, Maria Larsson, Svein Magnussen and Jerker Rönnberg

Chapter 10. Compensatory changes in everyday memory and communication: disabilities, abilities and social context. By Jerker Rönnberg and Annika Melinder

Chapter 11. Metacognitive aspects of memory, By Asher Koriat and Tore Helstrup.

Chapter 12. Self-referent beliefs about memory and actual performance: Relationships with age and sex. By Lars-Göran Nilsson and Maria Larsson

Chapter 13. Memory pathways: Involuntary and voluntary processes in retrieving personal memories. By Tore Helstrup, Rosanna De Beni, Cesare Cornoldi and Asher Koriat.

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Svein Magnussen is Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway. He has been carrying out research in several areas of cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, with focus on visual perception and visual memory; in recent years he has been engaged in research on eyewitness testimony. He has edited three books and published more than 75 papers in international scientific journals.

Tore Helstrup is Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway. He is also adjunct professor at the University of Trondheim, Norway. He has taught psychology at all course levels, with learning, memory and problem solving as his main research areas. He has published numerous books and journal articles.


'There are many books on memory, but I do not know of any that cover quite as much material in quite as much depth and quite as expertly as does this volume.' – Robert H. Logie, Professor of Human Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Edinburgh

'Everyday Memory is very comprehensive, covering the major themes in memory research as well as topics of more recent focus; it will prove to be a leading source of information.' – Lorna Goddard, Goldsmiths College, London

'An interesting and entertaining analysis of practical aspects of memory in everyday life, including popular beliefs about memory, combined with a thought-provoking discussion of limitations of current memory research.' - Claus Bundesen, Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Copenhagen