1st Edition

Evolution De La Biosphere Et E

By Francis Lethiers Copyright 2004

    The evolution of the living world has not been straightforward process over geological time. On the contrary, it shows episodes of crises separating phases of evolving radiation. This work, presenting an assessment of the paleontological discoveries of the last fifteen years, could be summed up by the formula "the evolution of life on our planet or biodiversity". This book, which combines clarity of presentation with scientific rigor, will be of interest to biologists and geologists as well as teachers, students and all those wishing to extend their knowledge on the subject.

    Introduction, A Mandatory Preamble: The Geological Time Scale, Chapter 1. General Information on Evolutive Paleontology, Chapter 2. Appearance and Development of Life in the Precambrian, Chapter 3. Global Extrinsic Factors, Chapter 4. The Great Extinction of the Permian-Triassic Boundary, Chapter 5. Major Biological Crises, Chapter 6. Extinctions and Evolution, Chapter 7. Epilogue about THumanity. Introduction, Un préambule obligatoire : l’échelle des temps géologiques, Chapitre 1. Généralités sur la paléontologie evolutive, Chapitre 2. Apparition et développement de la vie au Précambrien, Chapitre 3. Les facteurs extrinsèques globaux, Chapitre 4. La grande extinction de la limite Permien-Trias, Chapitre 5. Les crises biologiques majeures, Chapitre 6. Extinctions et Evolution, Chapitre 7. Epilogue concernant THumanité


    F. Lethiers