1st Edition

Evolution, Order and Complexity

By Kenneth Boulding, Elias Khalil Copyright 1996
    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    Evolution, Order and Complexity reflects topical interest in the relationship between the social and natural worlds. It represents the cutting edge of current thinking which challenges the natural/social dichotomy thesis by showing how the application of ideas which derive from biology can be applied and offer insight into the social realm. This is done by introducing the general system theory to the methodological debate on the relation of human and natural sciences.

    Chapter 1 Social Theory and Naturalism Elias L. Khalil Chapter 2 Inter-facing Complexity at a Boundary Between the Natural and Social Sciences Karl H. PribamChapter 3 The Autonomy of Social Reality: On the Contribution of Systems Theory to the Theory of Society Jean-Pierre Dupuy Chapter 4 Ultradarwinian Explanation and the Biology of Social Systems Niles EldredgeChapter 5 The Complexity of Social and Mental Structures in Non-Human Mammals Hubert Hendrichs Chapter 6 On Social Nature of Autopoietic Systems Milan ZelenyChapter 7 Organization, Function, and Creativity in Biological and Social Systems Vilmos CsanyiChapter 8 Human Society as an Emerging Global Superorganism: A Biological Perspective Gregory B. Stock and John H. Campbell Chapter 9 Neurological and Social Bases of Dominance in Human Society Henri Laborit Chapter 10 The Propensities of Evolving Systems Robert E. Ulanowicz Chapter 11 Life Beyond the Newtonian Paradigm: Creativity, Uncertainty and Learning Peter M. Allen Chapter 12 Human Social Systems as Part of Ecosystems: Aspects Related to Energy and Exosomatic Artifacts Ramon Margalef Chapter 13 Synergetics as a Bridge Between the Natural and Social Sciences Hermann Haken Chapter 14 The Problem of Observables in Models of Biological Organizations Howard H. Pattee


    Kenneth Boulding, Elias Khalil