1st Edition

Evolution and Learning

Edited By R. C. Bolles, M. D. Beecher Copyright 1988
    276 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1987. Evolutionary theory and learning theory have for a long time developed in quite separate traditions. The purpose of this book is partly to celebrate new developments in the two theories by displaying some of the work of this new breed of scholar. It is the editors’ hope that they can encourage others to look more carefully at the mechanisms that make learning an evolutionary consideration and evolution a learning theory consideration.

    Chapter 1 Nativism, Naturalism, and Niches, Robert C. Bolles; Chapter 2 Darwin was a Learning Theorist, Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson, John Garcia; Chapter 3 Evolution and Learning Before Thorndike:, Bennett G. Galef; Chapter 4 Learning as Inference, J. E. R. Staddon; Chapter 5 Learning and Adaptation in Food-storing Birds, David F. Sherry; Chapter 6 A Comparison of Taste Aversion Learning in Humans and Other Vertebrates, A. W. Logue; Chapter 7 A Comparative-Ecological Approach to the Study of Learning, Alan C. Kamil, John E. Mauldin; Chapter 8 The Phylogeny of Information Processing, Roger T. Davis, James D. Dougan; Chapter 9 Contrasting Styles of Song Development and Their Consequences Among Passerine Birds, Donald E. Kroodsma; Chapter 10 A Functional Behavioristic Approach to Aversively Motivated Behavior:, Michael S. Fanselow, Laurie S. Lester; Chapter 11 Reproductive Behavior:, Michael Domjan, Karen L. Hollis; chapter Some Comments on the Adaptationist Approach to Learning, Michael D. Beecher;


    Bolles, R. C.; Beecher, M. D. University of Washington