Evolution of Brain and Behavior in Vertebrates  book cover
1st Edition

Evolution of Brain and Behavior in Vertebrates

ISBN 9780815371519
Published March 3, 2020 by Routledge
498 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1976, the object of this volume was to present a relatively up-to-date overview of what was known, what was suspected, and what remained to be discovered concerning the general question of the evolution of the vertebrate brain and behaviour, and to present a list of references for those who wanted to delve deeper into one or another aspect of the problem. Accordingly, it contains chapters by palaeontologists, sensory morphologists and physiologists, comparative neurologists and comparative psychologists. The chapters are arranged in a sequence loosely approximating the order in which the various animals, brain structures, or behaviour first appeared. Therefore, the chapters fall naturally into sections, each section directed to a group of vertebrates, beginning with those which have very remote common ancestry and progressing to those with more recent common ancestry with mankind.

Table of Contents

Preface.  Introduction.  1. Origin and Radiation of the Classes of Poikilothermous Vertebrates Nicholas Hotton III  2. Vertebrate Olfaction Don Tucker and James C. Smith  3. The Vertebrate Eye Mitchell Glickstein  4. Some Comments on Visual Acuity and Its Relation to Eye Structure Mark A. Berkley  5. Origin and Evolution of the Ear of Vertebrates Ernest Glen Wever  6. Comparative Hearing Function in the Vertebrates W.C. Stebbins  7. Neurology of Anamniotic Vertebrates Sven O.E. Ebbesson and R. Glenn Northcutt  8. The Forebrain of Reptiles and Mammals Ford F. Ebner  9. Vertebrate Learning: Common Processes M.E. Bitterman and William T. Woodard  10. Vertebrate Learning: Evolutionary Divergences Kenneth H. Brookshire  11. Issues in the Comparative Psychology of Learning M.E. Bitterman  12. Later Mammal Radiations Leonard B. Radinsky  13. Comments on Radinsky’s "Later Mammal Radiations" Malcolm C. McKenna  14. Brain Evolution in Mammals: A Review of Concepts, Problems, and Methods Wally Welker  15. Comparative Anatomy of the Tetrapod Spinal Cord: Dorsal Root Connections J.M. Petras  16. Primate Radiations and the Origin of Hominoids Elwyn L. Simons  17. Brain Evolution in the Order Primates C.B.G. Campbell  18. Tool Use in Mammals J.M. Warren  19. Primate Social Behavior: Pattern and Process William A. Mason.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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R. B. Masterton, M. E. Bitterman, C. B. G. Campbell and Nicholas Hotton