2nd Edition

Evolution of Fossil Ecosystems

By Paul Selden, John Nudds Copyright 2012
    288 Pages 460 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    288 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Evolution of Fossil Ecosystems describes all of the main Fossil Lagerstätten (sites of exceptional fossil preservation) from around the world in a chronological order. It covers the history of research, stratigraphy and taphonomy, main faunal and floral elements, and the palaeoecology of each site and gives a comparison with coeval sites around the world. It includes all of the well-known fossil sites, such as the Burgess Shale, the Solnhofen Limestone, Mazon Creek, Rancho La Brea etc., and includes an appendix giving information on how to visit the sites and where to see the fossils in museum displays.

    Available now in its second edition, Lagerstätten included for the first time include Chengjiang, the Herefordshire Nodules and the Jehol Group. A welcome addition to the list of important localities of Cenozoic age is the White River Group, which preserves the finest examples of mammals around the Eocene-Oligocene boundary, including many now-extinct groups.

    The book is beautifully illustrated throughout with over 450 colour photographs and diagrams, and it is extensively referenced. Evolution of Fossil Ecosystems is essential reading to a wide range of students and professionals in palaeontology and related sciences, and to amateur enthusiasts.

    Acknowledgements, Abbreviations, Foreword, Introduction, Chapter 1 Ediacara, Chapter 2 The Burgess Shale, Chapter 3 Chengjiang, Chapter 4 The Soom Shale, Chapter 5 The Herefordshire Nodules, Chapter 6 The Hunsru¨ck Slate, Chapter 7 The Rhynie Chert, Chapter 8 Mazon Creek, Chapter 9 Karoo, Chapter 10 Gre`s a` Voltzia, Chapter 11 The Holzmaden Shale, Chapter 12 The Morrison Formation, Chapter 13 The Solnhofen Limestone, Chapter 14 The Jehol Group, Chapter 15 El Montsec and Las Hoyas, Chapter 16 The Santana and Crato Formations, Chapter 17 Grube Messel, Chapter 18 The White River Group, Chapter 19 Baltic Amber, Chapter 20 Rancho La Brea, References


    Paul Selden, John Nudds