1st Edition

Evolutionary Economics: v. 1

By Marc R. Tool Copyright 1988

    The contributors to this volume focus on the political and value issues that, in their shared view, underlie the global environmental crisis facing us today. They argue that only by transforming our dominant values, social institutions and way of living can we avoid ecological disaster.

    EVOLUTIONARY ECONOMICS I: FOUNDATIONS OF INSTITUTIONAL THOUGHT, Introduction, Part I, The Beginnings of Institutionalism, Part II, The Philosophical Basis of, Institutional Economics, The Theory of Human Nature, Theory of Institutional Change, Instrumental Valuation, Part III, The Concept of Technology Within the Institutionalist Perspective, Institutions, Human Resource Development and the Formulation of National Economic Policy, Resources Are Not; They Become: an Institutional Theory, The Institutionalist Theory of Capital Formation, Evolution of Time Constructs and Their Impact on Socioeconomic Planning, Information: An Emerging Dimension of Institutional Analysis, Power and Economic Performance: The Institutionalist View, The Neoinstrumental Theory of Democracy, About the Authors


    Marc R. Tool is Emeritus Professor of Economics at California State University, Sacramento. He is the author of The Discretionary Economy: A Normative Theory of Political Economy (1979), and Essays in Social Value Theory: A Neoinstitutionalist Contribution (1986). He was the editor of An Institutionalist Guide to Economics and Public Policy (1984). He is a member of the executive board of the Association for Evolutionary Economics and past president of the Association for Institutional Thought. He has been editor of the Journal of Economic Issues since 1981.