1st Edition

Evolutionary Economics

By Marc R. Tool Copyright 1988

    This two-volume work is intended to map the theoretical heartland of the institutionalist perspective on political economy. Volume I, "Foundations of Institutional Thought", identifies the origins of institutional economics and explores the primary analytical tools in its development. The papers included in Volume II, "Institutional Theory and Policy", consider basic economic processes, institutions for stabilizing and planning economic activities, the role of power and accountability, and emerging global interdependence. Marc R. Tool is the editor of "Journal of Economic Issues".

    In our fast-changing electronic age, traditional term papers and research reports are being replaced by multimedia projects such as websites, CD-ROM shows, and Internet-based presentations. Yet no clear, brief style and usage guide exists to instruct professionals, students, and teachers in preparing such projects. This book is the first style and usage guide to succinctly explain the approach, methods, and rules to follow when creating multimedia and PowerPoint presentations. In the tradition of Strunk and White's classic The Elements of Style, and designed for the electronic age, it explains the fundamental rules for good "e-writing" and "e-presentation." Filled with user-friendly graphics (including screen captures and storyboard flowcharts) and easy-to-follow instructions, the book covers everything from layout, colors, and fonts to sound quality, file size, special effects, and alt tags for readers with disabilities. It will also help readers navigate the more pragmatic aspects of multimedia projects, such as copyright and permissions, and includes a glossary of key terms and phrases.


    Marc R. Tool is Emeritus Professor of Economics at California State University, Sacramento. He is the author of The Discretionary Economy: A Normative Theory of Political Economy (1979), and Essays in Social Value Theory: A Neoinstitutionalist Contribution (1986). He was the editor of An Institutionalist Guide to Economics and Public Policy (1984). He is a member of the executive board of the Association for Evolutionary Economics and past president of the Association for Institutional Thought. He has been editor of the Journal of Economic Issues since 1981.