1st Edition

Evolving Toolbox for Complex Project Management

Edited By Alex Gorod, Leonie Hallo, Vernon Ireland, Indra Gunawan Copyright 2020
    570 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    570 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    This book enhances learning about complex project management principles and practices through the introduction and discussion of a portfolio of tools presented as an evolving toolbox. Throughout the book, industry practitioners examine the toolsets that are part of the toolbox to develop a broader understanding of complex project management challenges and the available tools to address them. This approach establishes a dynamic, structured platform for a comprehensive analysis and assessment of the modern, rapidly changing, multifaceted business environment to teach the next generation of project managers to successfully cope with the ever increasing complexity of the 21st century.






    Chapter 1 Introduction to the Evolving Toolbox

    Alex Gorod and Leonie Hallo

    Chapter 2 Case Studies Toolset

    Brian E. White

    Chapter 3 Scheduling Toolset

    Seyed Ashkan Zarghami and Alex Gorod

    Chapter 4 Cost Estimation Toolset

    Ricardo Valerdi

    Chapter 5 Human Factors Toolset

    Alicia Aitken

    Chapter 6 Leadership Toolset

    Thomas Grisham

    Chapter 7 Systemic Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Toolset

    Barbara Rapaport, Kaye Remington, and Alon Ben-Meir

    Chapter 8 Organization and Systems Theory Toolset

    Joana Geraldi, Josef Oehmen, Christian Thuesen, and Pedro Parraguez Ruiz

    Chapter 9 Enterprise Governance Toolset

    Charles B. Keating and Polinpapilinho F. Katina

    Chapter 10 Critical Success Factors and Climate Toolset

    Azadeh Rezvani and Neal M. Ashkanasy

    Chapter 11 Pattern Identification and Management Toolset

    Robert Cloutier

    Chapter 12 Policy Management Toolset

    George L. De Feis and Dolores A. Atallo

    Chapter 13 Legal Aspects Toolset

    George F. Jergeas

    Chapter 14 Intellectual Property Toolset

    Alexey Bakman

    Chapter 15 Systems Thinking Toolset

    Michael Emes and David Cole

    Chapter 16 Test and Evaluation Toolset

    Keith Joiner, Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik, and Malcolm Tutty

    Chapter 17 Advanced Visualization Toolset

    Thomas A. McDermott

    Chapter 18 Social Network Analysis Toolset

    Kon Shing Kenneth Chung

    Chapter 19 Modeling and Simulation Toolset

    Sergey Suslov and Dmitry Katalevsky

    Chapter 20 Adaptability, Agility, and Resilience Toolset

    Nil H. Kilicay-Ergin

    Chapter 21 Cyber-Systemic Toolset

    Fredmund Malik and Nam Nguyen

    Chapter 22 Systemic Risk Toolset: Another Dimension

    Fran Ackermann

    Chapter 23 Systemic Innovation Toolset

    Gerrit Muller, Kristin Falk, and Marianne Kjørstad



    Alex Gorod, Leonie Hallo, Vernon Ireland, Indra Gunawan