1st Edition

Examining the Psychological Foundations of Science and Morality Explaining the Inexplicable

By Eugene Subbotsky Copyright 2023
    184 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    184 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Examining the Psychological Foundations of Science and Morality is a progressive text that explores the relationship between psychology, science and morality, to address fundamental questions about the foundations of psychological research and its relevance for the development of these disciplines.

    Supported by original empirical evidence, the book analyses the relationship of folk psychology to rational knowledge, outlining an original theory that connects psychology and natural sciences through the mind which creates a psychological foundation for scientific knowledge and morality. It argues that science and religion have a common psychological core of subjective experience, which diversifies into knowledge, beliefs and morality. The book considers how subjective space and time are converted into physical space and time, and how subjective ‘sense of causation’ is shaped into physical causality and human communication. Further, it explores the mind as a complex system of contrasting realities, with the main function being existence attribution (EXON). The chapters delve into a range of topics including theoretical analysis of consciousness, the internal self, unexplainable phenomena, analysis of empirical research into causality, morality and the mind.

    The book will be of great interest to postgraduate and upper-level undergraduate students studying foundations of psychology, consciousness, philosophy of science, morality, as well as professionals who deal with influence on mass consciousness or are interested in the link between human psychology, scientific knowledge and morality.


    Part I

    The Inexplicable: Theoretical Analysis

    Chapter 1.The Inexplicable

    Chapter 2. Consciousness as the Inexplicable

    Chapter 3. Observing the Inexplicable

    Chapter 4. From Observed to the Observer: Internal Self as the Unknowable

    Chapter 5. Gods, Self and Science

    Part II

    The Inexplicable: Empirical Research

    Chapter 6. Studying the Inexplicable: Space and Time

    Chapter 7. Causality: Logic of Science and Logic of the Mind

    Chapter 8. Explaining Morality

    Part III

    The Inexplicable: Structure and Functions of the Mind

    Chapter 9. Mind as a Phenomenon: Inexplicable as a Whole

    Chapter 10. The Conclusion: Soft Sciences Reconsidered



    Eugene Subbotsky is Reader (Emeritus) at Lancaster University, UK. He is a BPS Charted Psychologist who has conducted research on moral development, metaphysical reasoning, magical thinking and consciousness.