1st Edition

Excel for Clinical Governance

By Alan Gillies Copyright 2001

    Immunisation is one of the few preventive interventions of undoubted and proven effectiveness...GPs are thoroughly convinced of the public health arguments in favour of immunization and regard it as an integral part of their clinical practice. This book is designed to help them plan provide develop and monitor a comprehensive immunisation service not only for their NHS patients but also if they wish on a private basis for travellers and for local companies. Good practice organisation is the key to providing high quality clinical and preventive services and this book is a notable and helpful contribution towards that good organisation. It should help even the most efficient doctors to ensure that they are providing the best managed and most profitable immunisation service they can - a service that should be welcomed by the patients it will benefit.' John Chisholm in the Foreword

    How to use this book. Before we start. Governance scenario 1: My first governance exercise with excel. Governance scenario 2: Child health monitoring in pimary and secondary care. Governance scenario 3: Outpatient orthopaedic clinic in secondary care. Governance scenario 4: Weighing the evidence. Governance scenario 5: Comparison with national performance. Governance scenario 6: Risk management in patient care. Appendix: Getting data from your proprietary system and into Excel.


    Alan Gillies