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    Published in the year 1987, Exercise and Mental Health is a valuable contribution to the field of Counseling and School Pscyhology.

    Part 1 Background; Chapter 1 Introduction, P. Morgan William, Stephen E. Goldston; Part 2 Principles Of Exercise Intervention; Chapter 2 Stress, Emotions And Health, Charles D. Spielberger; Chapter 3 Toward the Prevention of Sedentary Lifestyles, Daniel S. Kirschenbaum; Chapter 4 Developing an Activity Plan for Improving Health, William L. Haskell; Chapter 5 Exercise Adherence and Habitual Physical Activity, Rod K. Dishman; Chapter 6 Exercise and Medication in the Psychiatric Patient, Egil W.Martinsen; Part 3 Prevention and Treatment; Chapter 7 Tension Reduction with Exercise, Herbert A. deVries; Chapter 8 Reduction of State Anxiety Following Acute Physical Activity, William P.Morgan; Chapter 9 Psychological Effects Of Exercise In The Middle YearsAppreciation is expressed to Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko and Patrick O'Connor for their help in the preparation of this chapter., A. H. Ismail; Chapter 10 Exercise Intervention with Depressed Outpatients, John H. Greist; Chapter 11 Comparative Effectiveness of Running Therapy and Psychotherapy, Dorothy V.Harris; Chapter 12 Exercise as an Adjunct to the Treatment of Mental Disorders, Robert S. Brown; Chapter 13 Stress Levels in Swimmers, Bonnie G.Berger; Chapter 14 Exercise in the Prevention and Treatment of Depression, Wesley E. Sime; Part 4 Appucations and Future Directions; Chapter 15 Summary, William P.Morgan, Stephen E.Goldston; Bibliography: A Retrieval System For Exercise And Mental Health, Michael L. Sachs;


    University of Wisconsin-Madison., University of California at Los Angeles.