1st Edition

Existing in the Information Dimension An Introduction to Emergent Information Theory

By Daniel Boyd Copyright 2025
    272 Pages 37 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book presents new insights into the nature of the human mind as a product of the brain. It does so by discussing how biological and technological information systems differ from their counterparts with physical functions, presenting Emergent Information Theory as a solution to the mind-body problem and overarching framework for all biological and technological information systems.

    Emergent Information Theory is a new theoretical approach to the specific type of information and emergence exploited by biological neural networks and digital systems. One of the conclusions of this theory is that these entities and processes are non-physical and exist in an information dimension connected to but distinct from the three dimensions of physical space. It is in this information dimension that our minds exist, making it ultimately more our home as sentient beings than the physical realm inhabited by our bodies. This book presents existing scientific and philosophical evidence that leads to this conclusion, followed by application of the theory to biological and technological information systems. The author concludes with a call to action for further research.

    This fascinating text will be of interest to any researcher of consciousness, the mind-body problem, or AI, as well as those working in related areas such as physical neuroscience and systems theory.

    Part 1: The evidence: Pieces of the puzzle  1.1 Information and the physical  1.2 Systems theory 1.3 Biological information systems  1.4 Philosophy and religion  1.5 Technological information systems  Part 2: Conclusion: The origins and growth of the information dimension  2.1 Emergent Information Theory: an introduction  2.2 Biological information systems  2.3 Information technologies  Part 3: Discussion: Living with the consequences  3.1 Existing in the information dimension  3.2 The gamble evolution took  3.3 Determinism and free will  3.4 From organism to superorganism  3.5 The communal mind  3.6 Cyber-social systems and artificial consciousness  3.7 Artificial consciousness  Part 4: Epilogue  4.1. Towards a science of emergent information


    Daniel Boyd is an independent researcher living in the Netherlands developing Emergent Information Theory as a theoretical approach to biological and technological information systems. He is currently a member of the Board of IS4SI (International Society for the Study of Information).