1st Edition

Exotic Kondo Effects in Metals Magnetic Ions in a Crystalline Electric Field and Tunelling Centres

By D L Cox, A Zawadowski Copyright 1999
    360 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This provides a major review of the two-level system Kondo model, as applied to metallic glasses, nanoscale devices and some doped semiconductors; and the quadripolar and magnetic two-channel Kondo models developed for rare-earth and actinide ions with crystal splitting metals. These contrast with the simple single-channel model, and allow the study of non-Fermi liquid physics. This book forms a valuable and unique source of information for statistical and condensed matter physicists and graduate students.
    Key Features:
    * An invaluable and unique source of information on this highly popular area of condensed matter physics
    * Based upon a special edition of the Advances in Physics journal
    * Magnetic impurities in metals present a major challenge to condensed matter physicists, for which a strong starting point has long been the early insights of Kondo into the resistance medium

    1. Introduction 2. Model Hamiltonians 3. Scaling Theory of Kondo Models 4. Numerical Renormalization Group Approach 5. Non-crossing Approximation 6. Conformal Field Theory and Abelian Bosonization Methods 7. Bethe-Ansatz Method 8. Experimental Results 9. Related Theoretical Developments 10. Conclusions and Directions 11. Acknowledgements 12. Appendices A, B, C and D 13. References


    Cox, D L; Zawadowski, A