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    The work and legacy of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. - his interpersonal approaches and techniques designed to liberate potentials for self-help in either the hypnotic or waking state - are having an increasing influence on numerous mental health professionals, as well as on the whole field of psychotherapy. Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., a leading practitioner and teacher of Ericksonian psychotherapy and a former student of Erickson's, who remained close with him until Erickson's death, has written a uniquely personal view of Erickson himself, his basic ideas and techniques, his contributions to psychotherapy, and his highly individual methods of teaching.

    Foreword by Lewis R. Wolberg, M.D., Introduction, 1. Erickson's Creativity, 2. The Ericksonian Approach, 3. Experiences with Erickson: Personal Therapy, Supervision, Cases Reported by Former Patients, and Cases Observed, 4. Milton Erickson: A Transcript, December 3-5, 1973, Appendix A. My Life Story by Diane Chow, Appendix B. Eva Parton, Appendix C. Millie Parton, References


    Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D.

    "Experiencing Erickson is an excellent introduction to the creativity of Erickson as individual, psychotherapist and teacher. It is an intriguing personal introduction to who Erickson was, what his major operating principles were and how these can be implemented to realize therapeutic effectiveness with clients.
    ." -- Jake Anderson, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychology, Monash University. Psychotherapy in Australia, Vol II No. I