1st Edition

Experiments in Practice

By Astrid Schwarz Copyright 2014
    271 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    Traditionally experimentation has been understood as an activity performed within the laboratory, but in the twenty-first century this view is being challenged. Schwarz uses ecological and environmental case studies to show how scientific experiments can transcend the laboratory.

    Introduction: Towards an Experimental Mode in Science, Society and Philosophy; Chapter 1 (De)Liberating the Experiment: A Different History of the Philosophy of Science; Chapter 2 The Philosophy of Inductive Sciences; Chapter 3 Whewell’s Innovation Through Renewal; Chapter 4 The Experiment in Recent Philosophy of Science; Chapter 5 Experimentation in Lab and Field; Chapter 6 Exploring the Field Ideal; Chapter 7 Stretching the Baconian Contract – but How Far?; Chapter 8 About the Epistemology and Culture of Borders/Boundaries; Chapter 9 Excursus: ‘Bridging Science’ or ‘Problem-Based Science’?; Chapter 10 Ecotechnology Complements Ecoscience: Probing A Framework; Chapter 11 On the Pleasures of Ecotechnology; Chapter 12 Conducting a Social Experiment: ‘Building with Nature’; Chapter 13 Political Economy of Experiments; conclusion Conclusion: Experiments in Practice – The Work of Experiments;


    Schwarz, Astrid