1st Edition

Expert Systems Applications for Structural, Transportation, and Environmental Engineering

By M. Arockiasamy Copyright 1992
    170 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Engineering, medicine, computer science, mathematics, and business all use applications of expert systems for problem solving that would normally require human skill. These expert systems solve varied problems with a similar procedure - so that knowledge of their use in other specialties will inevitably benefit yours. Expert Systems: Applications for Structural, Transportation, and Environmental Engineering provides a comprehensive, concise treatment of knowledge-based expert systems that introduces you to the flavor, concepts, and capacity of this powerful procedure.
    Expert Systems covers preliminary design of three-dimensional grids, design systems for low rise industrial buildings, preliminary design of frameworks, bridge design systems, and retaining wall design - especially the methodologies for these applications to structural design. The author presents design standards, typical expert systems for construction engineering and management applications, and the underlying concepts of expert systems, emphasizing bridge analysis, rating, and management. He describes the methodology and applications which aid the transportation and highway engineer in planning, design, and operation and addresses several applications in the fields of environmental and water resources engineering.
    Automation of the advice-giving of experts is used in design, process planning, manufacturing schedule, quality control, and diagnosis by a range of disciplines. Expert Systems increases your awareness of the versatility of expert systems in these disciplines and offers the theory and algorithms you need to use expert systems in design, maintenance, and construction.

    What is an Expert System?
    Expert System Architecture
    Architectural Variations
    Programming Languages and Tools for Building Expert Systems
    Knowledge Elicitation Process
    Expert Systems in Structural Design
    Structural Design Process
    Expert System Methodologies for Design
    ES Applications in Structural Design
    Concluding Remarks and Suggestions for Further Work
    Design Standards Processing
    Generic Design Standards Processing
    AASHTO Bridge Rating System
    Australian Model Uniform Building Code: AMUBC
    Knowledge-Based Standards Processor: SPEX
    A PC Based ES for Automated Reinforced Concrete Design Checking
    Concluding Remarks and Suggestions for Further Work
    Construction Engineering and Management
    Expert Systems in Construction Engineering
    Expert Systems in Construction Management
    Expert Systems in Maintenance
    Concluding Remarks and Future Trends
    Expert Systems for Bridge Analysis, Rating, and Management
    Bridge Analysis
    Bridge Rating
    Data Base for Bridge Management Systems
    Expert Systems in Transportation Engineering
    Integrated Traffic Data System (ITDS)
    Knowledge-Based Expert System for Managing Intersection Safety
    An Expert System for Traffic Control in Work Zones
    Emergency Response System for Dangerous Goods Movements by Highways
    Development of a Prototype Expert System for Roadside Safety
    Advisory System for Design of Highway Safety Structures
    Expert Systems in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
    Expert System for Hazardous Site Evaluation
    Expert System for Evaluating Hazardous Waste Generators
    An Expert System for Combatting Oil Spill Pollution
    An Expert System for Aiding in Pesticide Regulatory Decisions
    An Expert System for Resolution of Indoor Air Quality
    A Decision Support System for Reservoir Analysis

    Each section also includes an Introduction


    M. Arockiasamy