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Hunters and Gatherers (Vol II) Vol II: Property, Power and Ideology

Hunters and Gatherers (Vol II): Vol II: Property, Power and Ideology

1st Edition

Edited By Tim Ingold, David Riches, James Woodburn
January 01, 1988

All that is central to the dynamic process in human society is evident in the study of hunter-gatherers - peoples whose subsistence way of life reflects the original form of human adaptation. This is the thesis of these wide-ranging volumes in which internationally leading scholars consider ...

Flamenco Passion, Politics and Popular Culture

Flamenco: Passion, Politics and Popular Culture

1st Edition

By William Washabaugh
September 01, 1996

Flamenco is renowned for its passion and flamboyance. Yet because it generates such visceral responses, it is often overlooked as a site for subtler discourses. This absorbing book articulates powerful and convincing arguments on such key subjects as ethnicity, irony, authenticity, the body and ...

Capitalism An Ethnographic Approach

Capitalism: An Ethnographic Approach

1st Edition

By Daniel Miller
January 01, 1997

This provocative book challenges many of our ingrained assumptions about the direction of contemporary capitalism and offers fresh perspectives that will inform the development of a new and relevant political economy for our times. The complex and often contradictory world within which modern ...

Amazonian Caboclo Society An Essay on Invisibility and Peasant Economy

Amazonian Caboclo Society: An Essay on Invisibility and Peasant Economy

1st Edition

By Stephen Nugent
November 23, 1993

Amazonian Caboclo Society is concerned with peasant society in Brazilian Amazonia. Most anthropological work in Amazonia has focused on Indian groups, and caboclos (peasants of mixed ancestry) have generally been regarded as relics of the haphazard development of Amazonia and have received little ...

Uncommon Ground Landscape, Values and the Environment

Uncommon Ground: Landscape, Values and the Environment

1st Edition

By Veronica Strang
August 01, 1997

- What makes people care about the environment? - Why and how do different cultural groups value land in different ways? With increasing international concern about green issues, and the apparent failure of mechanistic solutions to complex problems, Uncommon Ground provides a timely understanding ...

Making Doctors An Institutional Apprenticeship

Making Doctors: An Institutional Apprenticeship

1st Edition

By Simon Sinclair
November 01, 1997

Few outsiders realize that student illness is frequently, and ironically, a by-product of medical training. This unique study by a medical doctor and trained anthropologist debunks popular myths of expertise and authority which surround the medical establishment and asks provoking questions about ...

Material Conflicts Parades and Visual Displays in Northern Ireland

Material Conflicts: Parades and Visual Displays in Northern Ireland

1st Edition

By Neil Jarman
May 01, 1997

The deep and abiding sectarian divide splintering Northern Ireland has been the focus of considerable attention recently. In particular, the role parades and visual displays play in underscoring opposition has come into the spotlight with the emergence of heightened tensions, close on the heels of ...

Child's Play Myth, Mimesis and Make-Believe

Child's Play: Myth, Mimesis and Make-Believe

1st Edition

By Laurence R. Goldman
March 01, 1998

This innovative book finally takes seriously the need for anthropologists to produce in-depth ethnographies of children's play. In examining the subject from a cross-cultural perspective, the author argues that our understanding of the way children transform their environment to create make-believe...

Linking Separate Worlds Urban Migrants and Rural Lives in Peru

Linking Separate Worlds: Urban Migrants and Rural Lives in Peru

1st Edition

By Karsten Paerregaard
May 01, 1997

This pathbreaking ethnography of population movements between rural and urban places in Peru addresses the conceptual and methodological problems of studying ‘deterritorialized' populations and the implications of this for anthropology's notions of culture and identity. Based on extensive fieldwork...

The Migration Process Capital, Gifts and Offerings among British Pakistanis

The Migration Process: Capital, Gifts and Offerings among British Pakistanis

1st Edition

By Pnina Werbner
September 01, 2002

This study, which breaks new ground in urban research, is a comprehensive and definitive account of one of the many communities of South Asians to emerge throughout the Western industrial world since the Second World War - the British Pakistanis in Manchester. This book examines the cultural ...

Meanings of the Market The Free Market in Western Culture

Meanings of the Market: The Free Market in Western Culture

1st Edition

Edited By James G. Carrier
July 01, 1997

For almost twenty years, the 'Free Market' has been a central feature of public debate in the West, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. In the name of the Market and its supposed benefits, governments and international agencies have imposed massive changes on peoples' lives. Curiously, scholars have paid...

Carnival Song and Society Gossip, Sexuality and Creativity in Andalusia

Carnival Song and Society: Gossip, Sexuality and Creativity in Andalusia

1st Edition

By Jerome R. Mintz
April 01, 1997

Carnival songs resemble a tabloid newspaper in their verve, spirit and range of themes. They are a measure of social change and an annual summary of events and opinion. The songs involve considerable artistry and are renowned as well for their raucous humor and vulgar concerns. (Promiscuity and ...

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