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Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology

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Theological reflection on the church’s practice is now recognised as a significant element in theological studies in the academy and seminary. Routledge's series in practical, pastoral and empirical theology seeks to foster this resurgence of interest and encourage new developments in practical and applied aspects of theology worldwide. This timely series draws together a wide range of disciplinary approaches and empirical studies to embrace contemporary developments including: the expansion of research in empirical theology, psychological theology, ministry studies, public theology, Christian education and faith development; key issues of contemporary society such as health, ethics and the environment; and more traditional areas of concern such as pastoral care and counselling.

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Hospital Chaplaincy in the Twenty-first Century The Crisis of Spiritual Care on the NHS

Hospital Chaplaincy in the Twenty-first Century: The Crisis of Spiritual Care on the NHS

2nd Edition

By Christopher Swift
February 07, 2014

The place of religion in public life continues to be a much-debated topic in Western nations. This book charts the changing role of hospital chaplains and examines through detailed case studies the realities of practice and the political debates which either threaten or sustain the service. This ...

Reimagining Theologies of Marriage in Contexts of Domestic Violence When Salvation is Survival

Reimagining Theologies of Marriage in Contexts of Domestic Violence: When Salvation is Survival

1st Edition

By Rachel Starr
April 17, 2018

Domestic violence is a significant threat to women’s survival. But Christian understandings of marriage often prevent women from resisting abusive relationships. Can the Church’s teaching on marriage be reshaped so that it helps women to survive, rather than encourage them to submit to their ...

Researching Female Faith Qualitative Research Methods

Researching Female Faith: Qualitative Research Methods

1st Edition

Edited By Nicola Slee, Fran Porter, Anne Phillips
November 03, 2017

Religious and spiritual engagement has undergone multiple significant changes in recent decades. Researching Female Faith is a collection of essays based on recent and original field research conducted by the contributors, and informed by a variety of theoretical perspectives, into the faith lives ...

A Reader on Preaching Making Connections

A Reader on Preaching: Making Connections

1st Edition

Edited By Jeff Astley, David Day
February 08, 2005

Every Sunday all over the world people rise up and claim to speak in the name of God. It is an astonishing thing to do and an astonishing claim to make. It is small wonder that the sermon has been the focus of debate, discussion and investigation. It has been dismissed as irrelevant in today's ...

Ordinary Theology Looking, Listening and Learning in Theology

Ordinary Theology: Looking, Listening and Learning in Theology

1st Edition

By Jeff Astley
December 23, 2002

'Ordinary theology' is Jeff Astley's phrase for the theology and theologising of Christians who have received little or no theological education of a scholarly, academic or systematic kind. Astley argues that an in-depth study of ordinary theology, which should involve both empirical research and...

The 'Empty' Church Revisited

The 'Empty' Church Revisited

1st Edition

By Robin Gill
September 28, 2003

When did churches start to appear more empty than full - and why? The very physicality of largely empty churches and chapels in Britain plays a powerful role in popular perceptions of 'religion'. Empty churches are frequently cited in the media as evidence of large scale religious decline. The '...

Ordinary Christology Who Do You Say I Am? Answers From The Pews

Ordinary Christology: Who Do You Say I Am? Answers From The Pews

1st Edition

By Ann Christie
May 22, 2017

Ordinary Christology is defined as the account of who Jesus was/is and what he did/does that is given by Christian believers who have received no formal theological education. In this fascinating study Ann Christie analyses, and offers a theological appraisal, of the main christologies and ...

Divine Revelation and Human Learning A Christian Theory of Knowledge

Divine Revelation and Human Learning: A Christian Theory of Knowledge

1st Edition

By David Heywood
April 23, 2004

How do we learn about God? In an age of competing world-views, what is the basis of the Christian claim to offer the truth about God, the world and ourselves? David Heywood charts a path through the study of human knowledge, showing how the insights of theology, philosophy and psychology ...

Testimony in the Spirit Rescripting Ordinary Pentecostal Theology

Testimony in the Spirit: Rescripting Ordinary Pentecostal Theology

1st Edition

By Mark J. Cartledge
April 11, 2017

This book explores ordinary practices of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians in relation to the Holy Spirit. It offers varied picture of contemporary Christians in the Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions, enabling a greater understanding to be appreciated for academic and ecclesial audiences....

Sharing Friendship Exploring Anglican Character, Vocation, Witness and Mission

Sharing Friendship: Exploring Anglican Character, Vocation, Witness and Mission

1st Edition

By John B. Thomson
March 31, 2017

Sharing Friendship represents a post-liberal approach to ecclesiology and theology generated out of the history, practices and traditions of the Anglican Church. Drawing on the theological ethics of Stanley Hauerwas, this book explores the way friendship for the stranger emerges from contextually ...

A Christian Theology of Place

A Christian Theology of Place

1st Edition

By John Inge
December 28, 2003

The place in which we stand is often taken for granted and ignored in our increasingly mobile society. Differentiating between place and space, this book argues that place has very much more influence upon human experience than is generally recognised and that this lack of recognition, and all that...

Congregational Studies in the UK Christianity in a Post-Christian Context

Congregational Studies in the UK: Christianity in a Post-Christian Context

1st Edition

By Karin Tusting, Mathew Guest
July 28, 2004

This book presents the first comprehensive introduction to congregational studies in the UK. Through a series of innovative essays, it explores the difference that the increasingly post-Christian nature of British society is making to life in Christian congregations, and compares this to the very ...

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