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Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology

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Theological reflection on the church’s practice is now recognised as a significant element in theological studies in the academy and seminary. Routledge's series in practical, pastoral and empirical theology seeks to foster this resurgence of interest and encourage new developments in practical and applied aspects of theology worldwide. This timely series draws together a wide range of disciplinary approaches and empirical studies to embrace contemporary developments including: the expansion of research in empirical theology, psychological theology, ministry studies, public theology, Christian education and faith development; key issues of contemporary society such as health, ethics and the environment; and more traditional areas of concern such as pastoral care and counselling.

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Reconstructing Practical Theology The Impact of Globalization

Reconstructing Practical Theology: The Impact of Globalization

1st Edition

By John Reader
July 28, 2008

This book argues that the discipline of practical theology needs to be re-shaped in the light of the impact of various influences created through the encounter with globalization. Essential to this is an engagement with the insights of other disciplines, e.g. sociology, politics, economics and ...

The Faith of Girls Children's Spirituality and Transition to Adulthood

The Faith of Girls: Children's Spirituality and Transition to Adulthood

1st Edition

By Anne Phillips
November 28, 2016

Exploring the spirituality and faith of girls on the verge of adolescence, this book presents fresh insights into children's spirituality and their transition to adulthood. Phillips has listened to girls' voices speaking in depth on the themes of self, God, church, and world, and reflected on their...

How Survivors of Abuse Relate to God The Authentic Spirituality of the Annihilated Soul

How Survivors of Abuse Relate to God: The Authentic Spirituality of the Annihilated Soul

1st Edition

By Susan Shooter
November 17, 2016

Grappling with theological issues raised by abuse, this book argues that the Church should be challenged, and ministered to, by survivors. Paying careful attention to her interviews with Christian women survivors, Shooter finds that through painful experiences of transformation they have ...

Entering the New Theological Space Blurred Encounters of Faith, Politics and Community

Entering the New Theological Space: Blurred Encounters of Faith, Politics and Community

1st Edition

Edited By Christopher R. Baker, John Reader
November 15, 2016

This book presents theological reflections on the changing nature of church mission and Christian identity within a theology of 'blurred encounter' - a physical, social, political and spiritual space where once solid hierarchies and patterns are giving way to more fluid and in many ways unsettling ...

Evangelicalism and the Emerging Church A Congregational Study of a Vineyard Church

Evangelicalism and the Emerging Church: A Congregational Study of a Vineyard Church

1st Edition

By Cory E. Labanow
November 15, 2016

With the Christian church in the west in decline, some churches are undergoing difficult transitions as they seek to become relevant, to both themselves and their surrounding cultures. Evangelicalism and the Emerging Church details an ethnographic study of a Vineyard congregation making sense of ...

The Faith Lives of Women and Girls Qualitative Research Perspectives

The Faith Lives of Women and Girls: Qualitative Research Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Nicola Slee, Fran Porter, Anne Phillips
November 15, 2016

Identifying, illuminating and enhancing understanding of key aspects of women and girls' faith lives, The Faith Lives of Women and Girls represents a significant body of original qualitative research from practitioners and researchers across the UK. Contributors include new and upcoming researchers...

Inspiring Faith in Schools Studies in Religious Education

Inspiring Faith in Schools: Studies in Religious Education

1st Edition

By Marius Felderhof, Penny Thompson
November 10, 2016

Inspiring Faith in Schools addresses the privileging of secularism that appears to affect RE in countries influenced by modern western thought. The authors argue that a more engaging form of RE would emerge if religious life were to inhabit centre stage. Currently religious faith is made to hover ...

Theological Perspectives on a Surveillance Society Watching and Being Watched

Theological Perspectives on a Surveillance Society: Watching and Being Watched

1st Edition

By Eric Stoddart
September 08, 2016

This book looks at contemporary surveillance practices and ideologies from a Christian theological perspective. Surveillance studies is an emerging, inter-disciplinary field that brings together scholars from sociology, criminology, political studies, computing and information studies, cultural ...

Hospital Chaplaincy in the Twenty-first Century The Crisis of Spiritual Care on the NHS

Hospital Chaplaincy in the Twenty-first Century: The Crisis of Spiritual Care on the NHS

1st Edition

By Christopher Swift
April 28, 2009

Issues of faith and spirituality have been resurgent in the UK since the opening of the twenty-first century. This book charts the impact of shifting attitudes towards spirituality through the experiences of health care chaplains. Rooted in a new and challenging interpretation of the chaplain's ...

Scripting Pentecost A Study of Pentecostals, Worship and Liturgy

Scripting Pentecost: A Study of Pentecostals, Worship and Liturgy

1st Edition

Edited By Mark J. Cartledge, A.J. Swoboda
July 20, 2016

Scripting Pentecost explores and develops an analysis of worship and liturgy in Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions around the world. It is organized into two main sections: history and theology, and global case studies. The first section considers early Pentecostal traditions, the influence of ...

Congregational Hermeneutics How Do We Read?

Congregational Hermeneutics: How Do We Read?

1st Edition

By Andrew P. Rogers
February 04, 2016

Despite many churches claiming that the Bible is highly significant for their doctrine and practice, questions about how we read the Bible are rarely made explicit. Based on ethnographic research in English churches, Congregational Hermeneutics explores this dissonance and moves beyond descriptions...

Deaf Liberation Theology

Deaf Liberation Theology

1st Edition

By Hannah Lewis
October 28, 2007

Following years of theology of deafness based on the premise that Deaf people are simply people who cannot hear, this book breaks new ground. Presenting a new approach to Deaf people, theology and the Church, this book enables Deaf people who see themselves as members of a minority group to ...

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