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Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology

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Theological reflection on the church’s practice is now recognised as a significant element in theological studies in the academy and seminary. Routledge's series in practical, pastoral and empirical theology seeks to foster this resurgence of interest and encourage new developments in practical and applied aspects of theology worldwide. This timely series draws together a wide range of disciplinary approaches and empirical studies to embrace contemporary developments including: the expansion of research in empirical theology, psychological theology, ministry studies, public theology, Christian education and faith development; key issues of contemporary society such as health, ethics and the environment; and more traditional areas of concern such as pastoral care and counselling.

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Saving Face Enfacement, Shame, Theology

Saving Face: Enfacement, Shame, Theology

1st Edition

By Stephen Pattison
August 30, 2013

Faces are all around us and fundamentally shape both everyday experience and our understanding of people. To lose face is to be alienated and experience shame, to be enfaced is to enjoy the fullness of life. In theology as in many other disciplines faces, as both physical phenomena and symbols, ...

The Bible and Lay People An Empirical Approach to Ordinary Hermeneutics

The Bible and Lay People: An Empirical Approach to Ordinary Hermeneutics

1st Edition

By Andrew Village
October 28, 2007

There are many books about how people ought to interpret the Bible. This book is about how people in churches actually interpret the Bible, and why they interpret it in the way that they do. Based on a study of Anglicans in the Church of England, it explores the interaction of belief, personality, ...

The Ecclesial Canopy Faith, Hope, Charity

The Ecclesial Canopy: Faith, Hope, Charity

1st Edition

By Martyn Percy
May 24, 2012

Seeking to dynamically alter the way that theologians, ecclesiologists, students of religion and ministers look at the relationship between church and society, this book takes religion, politics and society as basic categories and explores how oft-overlooked issues are in fact highly significant ...

Using the Bible in Practical Theology Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Using the Bible in Practical Theology: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

1st Edition

By Zoë Bennett
March 23, 2016

Exploring how the Bible may be appropriately used in practical and public theology, this book looks at types of modern practical theology with specific emphasis on the use of the Bible. Bennett juxtaposes the diversity of modern practical theology with the work of leading nineteenth-century public ...

Theological Reflection and Education for Ministry The Search for Integration in Theology

Theological Reflection and Education for Ministry: The Search for Integration in Theology

1st Edition

By John E. Paver
October 28, 2006

A major and continuing problem for theological education and the practice of Christian ministry is how to best achieve a genuine integration between theory and practice, theology and experience. The key claim of this book is that theological reflection, beginning with experience, is a method of ...

Theology without Words Theology in the Deaf Community

Theology without Words: Theology in the Deaf Community

1st Edition

By Wayne Morris
August 28, 2008

This book is a study of a Christian theology without words, focussing on theology in the Deaf Community. Deaf people's first and preferred method of communication is not English or any other spoken language, but British Sign Language - a language that cannot be written down. Deaf people of faith ...

Theological Foundations for Collaborative Ministry

Theological Foundations for Collaborative Ministry

1st Edition

By Stephen Pickard
October 28, 2009

This book examines the theological foundations of a collaborative approach to Christian ministry. The discovery that Christians are members 'one of another' creates energy and joy in ministry and empowers the Church in an age of mission. Outlining the present challenges for ministry, Stephen ...

Women's Faith Development Patterns and Processes

Women's Faith Development: Patterns and Processes

1st Edition

By Nicola Slee
April 28, 2004

Presenting a rich account of women's faith lives and, mapping women's meanings in their own right, this book offers an alternative to dominant accounts of faith development which failed to account for women's experience. Drawing on Fowler's faith development theory, feminist models of women's ...

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