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Explorations in Practical, Pastoral and Empirical Theology

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Theological reflection on the church’s practice is now recognised as a significant element in theological studies in the academy and seminary. Routledge's series in practical, pastoral and empirical theology seeks to foster this resurgence of interest and encourage new developments in practical and applied aspects of theology worldwide. This timely series draws together a wide range of disciplinary approaches and empirical studies to embrace contemporary developments including: the expansion of research in empirical theology, psychological theology, ministry studies, public theology, Christian education and faith development; key issues of contemporary society such as health, ethics and the environment; and more traditional areas of concern such as pastoral care and counselling.

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Dissident Women, Beguines and the Quest for Spiritual Authority

Dissident Women, Beguines and the Quest for Spiritual Authority

1st Edition


By Catherine Lambert
November 11, 2024

This book focuses on the responses of a group of twenty-first century women to the lives and writings of thirteenth-century beguine mystics. It reveals how the struggle to discover their own inner spiritual authority connects two groups of women across centuries. For contemporary women who are ...

The Lived Experience of Palliative Chaplains Practising Hospitality in an Inhospitable Land

The Lived Experience of Palliative Chaplains: Practising Hospitality in an Inhospitable Land

1st Edition

By Caroline Yih
June 21, 2024

This book explores the unique challenges of disenfranchisement faced by Christian chaplains working within the secular and pluralistic context of contemporary healthcare. The case study focuses on practitioners in Hong Kong and showcases the utilisation of interpretative phenomenological analysis (...

A Perichoretic Pastoral Theology In Cadence with God

A Perichoretic Pastoral Theology: In Cadence with God

1st Edition

By Jim Horsthuis
May 27, 2024

This book articulates a perichoretic pastoral theology, offering a pastoral theological response to the question of how ministering persons practice ministry in communion with the triune God. Key elements from contemporary pastoral theology—theologies of human experience, concern for human ...

Catholic Social Thought and Prison Ministry Resourcing Theory and Practice

Catholic Social Thought and Prison Ministry: Resourcing Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Elizabeth Phillips, Férdia J. Stone-Davis
March 29, 2024

This book explores how the themes and insights of official Catholic Social Teaching (CST) and broader Catholic social thought might illuminate, and be illuminated by, a deeper engagement with the context of prisons. What resources might Catholic social thought bring to pastoral work in prisons? And...

Evangelicals Engaging in Practical Theology Theology that Impacts Church and World

Evangelicals Engaging in Practical Theology: Theology that Impacts Church and World

1st Edition

Edited By Helen Morris, Helen Cameron
September 25, 2023

This book aims to introduce a distinctively evangelical voice to the discipline of practical theology. Evangelicals have sometimes seen practical theology as primarily a ‘liberal’ project. This collection, however, actively engages with practical theology from an evangelical perspective, both ...

Female Faith Practices Qualitative Research Perspectives

Female Faith Practices: Qualitative Research Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Nicola Slee, Dawn Llewellyn, Kim Wasey, Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz
August 11, 2023

This book explores female faith practices, drawing on qualitative research to consider how women navigate and create spiritual and religious practices. The chapters cover Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist contexts as well as newer spiritual movements. The contributors examine prayer and ritual...

A Practical Christology for Pastoral Supervision

A Practical Christology for Pastoral Supervision

1st Edition

By Geoff Broughton
September 26, 2022

This book sets out a Christological framework for developing and delivering pastoral supervision. Pastoral supervision is a key consideration for any denomination, congregation, or faith-based organisation, so this is a vital resource for well-being for clergy, chaplains, and a wide array of ...

The Sunday Assembly and Theologies of Suffering

The Sunday Assembly and Theologies of Suffering

1st Edition

By Katie Cross
May 06, 2022

This book draws on a study of the Sunday Assembly- a "godless congregation"- to reflect on how the Church might better deal with suffering, lament and theodicy. Against a backdrop of a shifting attitudes towards religion, humans are now better connected than ever before. It is no exaggeration to ...

Women's Faith Development Patterns and Processes

Women's Faith Development: Patterns and Processes

1st Edition

By Nicola Slee
April 28, 2004

Presenting a rich account of women's faith lives and, mapping women's meanings in their own right, this book offers an alternative to dominant accounts of faith development which failed to account for women's experience. Drawing on Fowler's faith development theory, feminist models of women's ...

Disclosing Church An Ecclesiology Learned from Conversations in Practice

Disclosing Church: An Ecclesiology Learned from Conversations in Practice

1st Edition

By Clare Watkins
March 18, 2020

From 2006 to 2011 researchers at Heythrop College and the Oxford Centre for ecclesiology and Practical Theology (OxCEPT, Ripon College Cuddesdon) worked on a theological and action research project: "Action Research – Church and Society (ARCS). 2010 saw the publication of Talking About God in ...

Tragedies and Christian Congregations The Practical Theology of Trauma

Tragedies and Christian Congregations: The Practical Theology of Trauma

1st Edition

Edited By Christopher Southgate, Carla Grosch-Miller, Hilary Ison, Megan Warner
October 07, 2019

When tragedy strikes a community, it is often unexpected with long-lasting effects on the people left in its wake. Too often, there aren’t adequate systems in place to aid those affected in processing what has happened. This study uniquely combines practical theology, pastoral insight and ...

Poetry, Practical Theology and Reflective Practice

Poetry, Practical Theology and Reflective Practice

1st Edition

By Mark Pryce
March 27, 2019

This groundbreaking study offers an innovative critical analysis of poetry as a resource for reflective practice in the context of continuing professional development. In the contemporary drive in all professions for greater rigour in education, training, and development, little attention is paid ...

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