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Group Inquiry at Science Museum Exhibits Getting Visitors to Ask Juicy Questions

Group Inquiry at Science Museum Exhibits: Getting Visitors to Ask Juicy Questions

1st Edition

By Joshua P Gutwill, Sue Allen
January 03, 2018

This brief volume describes an innovative activity that can be used by museum professionals to foster two key inquiry skills—asking a good question and articulating discoveries. A hybrid between a research report and a how-to manual, it describes the development, evaluation, and results of Juicy ...

Fostering Active Prolonged Engagement The Art of Creating APE Exhibits

Fostering Active Prolonged Engagement: The Art of Creating APE Exhibits

1st Edition

Edited By Thomas Humphrey, Joshua P Gutwill
January 01, 2005

A must for exhibit developers, researchers, educators, and other museum professionals looking for ways to engage visitors more deeply with interactive science exhibits, this book documents the exploration and findings of the Exploratorium’s Active Prolonged Engagement project, funded by the ...

Finding Significance

Finding Significance

1st Edition

By Sue Allen
December 15, 2007

This book describes an National Science Foundation–funded project to explore the effects of incorporating inquiry- and narrative-based video clips into interactive science museum exhibits in order to make them more personally meaningful for visitors. It covers creating the videos and evaluating ...

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