1st Edition

Exploring Outremer Volume II Studies in Crusader Archaeology in Honour of Adrian J. Boas

    368 Pages 133 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This collection is published in the Crusades Subsidia series in honour of Professor Adrian J. Boas, an archaeologist, historian and scholar who has contributed widely and significantly to the study and teaching of the Middle Ages. Professor Boas’ research encompasses the archaeology of the Latin East, military orders with particular emphasis on the Teutonic Order, material culture, architecture and medieval art, historiography, and not least, the Crusades and the Latin East.

    Exploring Outremer Volume II is a collection of 15 original essays by the leading scholars in the field on the history and archaeology of the Latin East. It covers aspects dealing with the history, archaeology, architecture and function of several castles and fortifications in the Latin Kingdom, and presents new studies on the material, including pottery, numismatics and many other finds. In addition, it includes a chapter dealing with landscape archaeology.

    This book will appeal to researchers and students alike interested in the Kingdom of Jerusalem and Duchies of Edessa and Antioch, as well as the Crusades and Crusading Orders.

    Introduction by the Editors

    Rabei G. Khamisy, Rafael Y. Lewis and Vardit Shotten-Hallel

    1. Benjamin Z. Kedar
    2. In search Ibelin Castle: experimenting with non-destructive archaeology

    3. Aren M. Maeir and Jeffrey R. Chadwick
    4. The blanche garde fortress at Tell es-Safi/Gath: an update on recent excavation results

    5. Rafael Y. Lewis and Michal Birkenfeld
    6. Keeping the hydra in its cave: viewshed analysis and the Frankish blockade of Fāṭimid Ascalon (1132–1153)

    7. Vardit R. Shotten-Hallel, Hagi Yohanan, Moshe Fischer and Oren Tal
    8. Et domus sua cuique est tutissimum refugium

      Jean II of Ibelin, Arsur castle and the Hospitallers

    9. Danny Syon
    10. The archaeology of the Pardouns de Acre

    11. Aleks Pluskowski
    12. Crusader landscapes: the current state of knowledge and future directions

    13. Gil Fishhof, Amit Re’em and David Yeger
    14. Two recently discovered mural paintings and the development of monumental painting in twelfth-century Jerusalem

    15. Edna J/ Stern
    16. Franks, locals and merchants: Ceramic production in the Latin East

    17. Robert Kool
    18. Between Moneta and Sikka: minters and mints in the Frankish East (1099–1291)

    19. Joppe Gosker
    20. For want of a nail: horse and donkey shoes in the Kingdom of Jerusalem

    21. Simon Dorso, Yves Gleize and Élise Mercier
    22. On the significance of small finds: two new mother-of-pearl cross pendants from 'Atlit and their wider context

    23. Maxime Goepp and Jean Mesqui
    24. Enlarged-based arrow-loops in the Near East (twelfth–-fourteenth-century) defence or ostentation?

    25. Hervé Barbé
    26. Text, loopholes and quarrels: an example of perfect agreement between historical sources, architecture and found objects in Safed castle from the thirteenth century CE 

    27. 'Abdallah Mokary and Vardit R. Shotten-Hallel
    28. A tomb stone from Safed: new evidence for the Templay Castle Chapel (?)

    29. Rabei G. Khamisy and Moshe Biram
      Belvoir castle revisited: history and development


    Rabei Khamisy is a senior lecturer at the Department of Archaeology in Haifa, and a member of the Zinman Institute of Archaeology. His current field work includes excavations in the Frankish sites of Montfort castle, Castellum Regis and Khirbat al-Manhata, as well as excavations in the Templar fort at Dor.

    Rafael Y. Lewis is a senior lecturer in the Department of Land of Israel Studies at Ashkelon Academic College, a senior fellow at the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research and a research associate at the Zinman Institute of Archaeology in the University of Haifa.

    Vardit R. Shotten-Hallel is an architect and archaeologist working in the Archaeological Research Department, Israel Antiquities Authority. Her research focuses on medieval architecture, particularly building materials and technologies in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. She is currently leading the research project on ‘Atlit Castle.