1st Edition

Exploring Theological Paradoxes

By Cyril Orji Copyright 2023

    This book focuses on the question of theological paradox, exploring what it means and its place in theological method from a Christian perspective. Just as paradoxes are unavoidable in logic and mathematics, paradoxes are inevitable in religious and theological discourses. The chapters in this volume examine a number of cases, including the ‘Red Heifer paradox’, the ‘liar paradox’, and the ‘paradox of omnipotence’, and attention is given to Christian doctrines such as the Trinity and the Incarnation. Arguing for a renewed understanding and appreciation of the role of paradox, this study will be of interest to scholars of theology and the philosophy of religion.


    1 The Intrigue of Paradox

    2 Religion and Self-Referential Paradox

    3 Classical Judaism and the Paradox of the Red Heifer

    4 Christianity and the Liar Paradox

    5 Christology and the Paradox of Omnipotence

    6 The Incarnation and the Logical Principle of Non-Contradiction

    7 The Religion-Buridan Dilemma, Dialogue, and the Search for a Metalanguage of Discourse



    Cyril Orji is a systematic theologian and Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Dayton, USA.