1st Edition

Exponential Distribution Theory, Methods and Applications

By K. Balakrishnan Copyright 1995
    664 Pages
    by Routledge

    664 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The exponential distribution is one of the most significant and widely used distribution in statistical practice. It possesses several important statistical properties, and yet exhibits great mathematical tractability. This volume provides a systematic and comprehensive synthesis of the diverse literature on the theory and applications of the expon

    Basic Distributional Results and Properties
    Order Statistics and Their Properties
    MLEs under Censoring and Truncation and Inference
    Linear Estimation under Censoring and Inference
    Reliability Estimation and Applications
    Inferences under Two-Sample and Multi-Sample Situations
    Tolerance Limits and Acceptance Sampling Plans
    Prediction Problems
    Bayesian Inference and Applications
    Conditional Inference and Applications
    Goodness-of-Fit Tests
    Outliers and Some Related Inferential Issues
    Extensions to Estimation under Multiple-Outlier Models
    Selection and Ranking Procedures
    Record Values
    Related Distributions and Some Generalizations
    Mixtures – Models and Applications
    Bivariate Exponential Distributions
    Inference for Multivariate Exponential Distributions
    Optimal Tests in Multivariate Exponential Distributions
    Accelerated Life Testing with Applications
    System Reliability and Associated Inference
    Exponential Regression with Applications
    Two-Stage and Multi-Stage Estimation
    Two-Stage and Multi-Stage Tests of Hypotheses
    Sequential Inference
    Competing Risks Theory and Identifiability Problems
    Applications in Survival Analysis
    Applications in Queueing Theory
    Exponential Classification and Applications
    Computer Simulations


    Balakrishnan, K.