4th Edition

Export–Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures

By Belay Seyoum Copyright 2021
    670 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    670 Pages 22 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book remains the sole export–import textbook aimed squarely at the academic audience. Discussing theoretical issues in depth, while maintaining a practical approach, it offers a comprehensive exploration of import procedures and export regulations.

    In addition to updated cases, this new edition includes:

    • New major developments in bilateral and regional trade agreements
    • Changes to INCOTERMS 2010
    • Coverage of the role of e-commerce

    • Expanded updates on methods of payment, export pricing, and government export finance

    This clearly written and comprehensive textbook will ground students in theory and prepare them for the realities of a career in this fast-moving field. Suitable for upper-level undergraduates and postgraduates of international trade, the book stands alone in its blend of conceptual frameworks and cogent analysis. A related website, filled with export–import resources, opinion pieces, cases, and the latest news is located at: www.export-importtradecenter.com.

    Introduction. A Brief History of International Trade

    Section 1. Overview of International Trade

    1. Growth and Direction of Trade

    2. International and Regional Agreements Affecting Trade

    Section II. Export Planning and Strategy

    3. Setting Up the Business

    4. Planning and Preparations for Export

    5. Export Channels of Distribution

    6. International Logistics, Risk and Insurance

    Section III. Executing the Transactions

    7. Pricing in International Trade

    8. Export Sales Contracts

    9. Trade Documents and Transportation.

    Section IV. Payment Terms and Procedures

    10. Exchange Rates and International Trade

    11. Methods of Payment

    12. Countertrade

    Section V. Financing Techniques and Vehicles

    13. Capital Requirements and Private Sources of Financing

    14. Government Export Financing Programs

    Section VI. Export Regulations and Tax Incentives

    15. Regulations and Policies Affecting Exports

    Section VII. Import Procedures and Techniques

    16. Import Regulations, Trade Intermediaries, and Services

    17. Selecting Import Products and Suppliers

    18. The Entry Process for Imports

    19. Import Relief to Domestic Industry

    20. Intellectual Property Rights


    Appendix A. Trading Opportunities in Selected Countries

    Appendix B. Importing into the United States

    Appendix C. Trade Profiles of Selected Nations

    Appendix D. Applied, Weighted Mean Tariff Rates of Selected Countries (2014-2018)

    Appendix E. China: Import-Export Duties and Taxes

    Appendix F. US Trade Profile

    Appendix G. Export Credit Agencies in Selected Countries

    Appendix H. A Brief Comparison of Cargo Conventions

    Appendix I. Countries That Are Members of Cargo Conventions

    Appendix J. Freight Calculations

    Appendix K. Sample Export Business Plan: Donga Michael Export Company

    Appendix L. Sample Export Business Plan: Otoro Import Company

    Appendix M. Export Sales Contract (Basic Clauses)

    Appendix N. Sample Distributorship Agreement

    Appendix O. Sample Sales Representative Agreement

    Appendix P. Trade Documents



    Belay Seyoum is Professor of International Business Studies at Nova Southeastern University, USA. Dr. Seyoum has published two books as well as numerous articles in the area of international trade in several prestigious academic journals such as the International Business Review, European Business Review, The Thunderbird International Business Review, The Asia Pacific Business Review, and the Journal of Economic Studies.