Exposing the Right and Fighting for Democracy : Celebrating Chip Berlet as Journalist and Scholar book cover
1st Edition

Exposing the Right and Fighting for Democracy
Celebrating Chip Berlet as Journalist and Scholar

ISBN 9780367681265
Published September 29, 2021 by Routledge
244 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book celebrates the life and work of scholar-activist Chip Berlet. His contributions over four decades have had broad-ranging impacts on activists, independent intellectuals, and academics, from think tanks and social movements to generations of scholars.

Berlet’s work over the decades has covered a wide range of topics, from the Christian Right, armed militias, social movement theory, and white supremacy to conspiracism, civil liberties, and government surveillance. This book features contributions reflecting on many of these topics by leading scholars and activists who have been inspired by his work and example.

This book will be of great interest to scholars, students, and activists within anti-racist, anti-fascist, and progressive social movements.

Table of Contents


Part I: The Early Years

1. Chip in the 1960s

Sue Kaiser

2. My Friend Chip

Terre Roche

3. From Way Back When to Now

Grace Mastalli

4. Chip: The "Winni" Years

Mary Eich

5. Our Best Friend

Penny Rosenwasser

6. Awe-Inspiring Moments and Radical Alterations: A Conversation with Chip Berlet

April Rosenblum

Part II: Analysis

7. Ruminations on an Intellectual History of Chip Berlet and the "Right Wing Populism" Formulation

Spencer Sunshine

8. Transnational Right-Wing Populism: Chip Berlet’s Enduring Insights

Jason Wilson

9. Chip Berlet’s Brave Look at the Far Right’s History and Ourselves

Maresi Starzmann

10. Reading Chip Berlet in the Rose City

J. Sciortino

11. Chip Berlet and the Fidelity of the Clerks: A Historical Excursus

Roger Griffin

12. Understanding and Resisting Left-Right Convergence in the Internet Age

Ben Gidley

13. Social Movement Theory and Right-Wing Conspiracism: Hints from Chip Berlet’s Work

Steven Gardiner

14. What I Learned from Interacting with and Reading Chip Berlet: An Appreciation and Thank You

G. William Domhoff

15. Why I’m a Chipite: Lessons from Chip Berlet

Shane Burley

16. Agent and Archive: Chip Berlet and the Historicity of Right-Watchers

A.J. Bauer

17. Donald Trump and the Myth of the Deep State

Michael Barkun

Part III: Practice

18. Our Chip

Angelia R. Wilson

19. In Praise of Chip Berlet: Intrepid and Trustworthy Trail Guide

Kay Whitlock

20. Chip Berlet’s Magic and Militias

Kenneth S. Stern

21. Homage to Chip

Bill Weinberg

22. A Conversation on Chip’s Praxis

Mary N. Taylor and Sophie Bjork-James

23. Righteous Mensch

Holly Sklar

24. The Berlet School of Political Thought

Abby Scher

25. Chip: You Rock My World!

Loretta J. Ross

26. Fighting the Good Fight: No Chip on his Shoulder

Mark Potok

27. Genuine Chip

Mark Pitcavage

28. He Opened the Library to Me

Jennifer Mittelstadt

29. Chip Berlet, Co-author

Matthew N. Lyons

30. Chip’s Intellectual Influence in Exploring African Anti-gay Politics

Kapya Kaoma

31. The Still, Strategic, Organizer Mind of Chip Berlet

Kit Gage

32. Passing the Torch

Alex DiBranco

33. Studies on the Right with Chip Berlet

James P. Danky

34. Desperately Seeking Chip

Pam Chamberlain

Part IV: Legacy

35. Reflections on Reading Chip Berlet

Aaron Winter

36. Chip Berlet and Defending Dissent

Sue Udry

37. Always There in My Corner

Scot Nakagawa

38. A Bridge Called Chip Berlet

Cas Mudde

39. The Generosity of Chip Berlet

Donna Minkowitz

40. A Tribute to Chip

Carol Mason

41. For Chip

Joe Lowndes

42. A Hero

Talia Lavin

43. Chip Berlet was My Foundation

Daryle Lamont Jenkins

44. The Significance of Chip Berlet

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

45. A Bright Light of Scholarship and Reporting in a Darkening Time

Frederick Clarkson

46. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Brooke Binkowski

47. Chip Berlet Made Me a Better Researcher and Thinker

Heidi Beirich

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Pam Chamberlain worked, for fifteen years, alongside Chip Berlet at Political Research Associates, USA, as a researcher and analyst, helping to produce the Defending Democracy series of activist toolkits. Her writing focused on issues of sex, sexuality, gender, and how the Right sought to limit progress and gain power through its organizing in these areas. She has been a high school English teacher, a sex educator, an anti-nuclear activist, and an advisor to LGBTQ youth organizations.

Matthew N. Lyons writes regularly for Three Way Fight, a radical anti-fascist blog. He has written several books, including one co-authored with Chip Berlet, and for various journals, magazines, and websites. His work focuses on the interplay between right-wing movements and systems of oppression, and responses to these movements by leftists, liberals, and the state. He is co-trustee of the Lorraine Hansberry Literary Trust, which stewards the literary legacy of the late playwright and activist Lorraine Hansberry.

Abby Scher is a New York-based sociologist whose writing on the Right, economic justice, and women’s and immigrant issues appears in national outlets. She served as Editorial Director and Interim Research Director of Political Research Associates, a progressive think tank that tracks the U.S. Right, where she was a colleague of Chip Berlet. She is a partner in Research|Action, a worker-owned cooperative that allies with community and labor organizations to promote social change. The Ford Foundation recognized her organizing work bridging racial and ethnic divides with its Leadership for a Changing World Award.

Spencer Sunshine has a Ph.D. in Sociology and has spent over fifteen years researching, writing about, and counter-organizing against the Far Right. From 2013 to 2019, he was an Associate Fellow at the think tank Political Research Associates, USA. He has written numerous articles chronicling the Far Right in the Trump era, including one co-authored with Chip Berlet. He is currently working on a history of neo-Nazi James Mason’s influential pro-terrorist book, Siege.