1st Edition

Extranodal Lymphomas Pathology and Management

Edited By Franco Cavalli, Harald Stein, Emanuele Zucca Copyright 2008
    342 Pages
    by CRC Press

    342 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Lymphomas classically manifest themselves in the lymph nodes but can also present in other bodily tissues or systems; the organ where exactly they present may make a very great difference to the strategy that should be adopted for their management. This topic has only recently been consistently addressed as an issue on its own, apart from the rest of the lymphomas, and this text is the first to apply modern systems of classification, diagnosis and management. This text is essential reading for hematologic oncologists and hematopathologists.

    Part 1: Conceptual basis  1 Challenging issues in the management of extranodal lymphomas  2 Historical prospects for the concept of primary extranodal lymphoma  3 Epidemiology of primary extranodal lymphoma  4 Infectious etiopathogenesis of primary extranodal lymphoma  5 Lymphocyte homing and immunology of extranodal lympoid tissue  6 Specific management problems posed by the primary extranodal presentations. Part I – staging and response evaluation  7 Specific management problems posed by the primary extranodal presentations. Part I – local control of localized disease  Part 2: Pathobiology and clinicopathological correlations  8 Pathobiology and molecular basis of MALT lymphoma  9 Principles of the WHO classification with special reference to aggressive extranodal lymphomas  10 MALT lymphoma pathology, initial diagnosis, and post-treatment evaluation  Part 3: Main Entities/Locations  11 Primary central nervous system lymphoma  12 Primary testicular lymphoma  13 Intravascular large B-cell lymphoma  14 Nasal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma  15 Primary breast lymphoma  16 Bone lymphoma  17 Lung lymphoma  18 Primary mediastinal (thymic) large B-cell lymphomas  19 MALT-type lymphoma of the orbit and ocular adnexae  20 Primary marginal zone lymphomas and other non-MALT marginal zone lymphomas  21 Gastrointestinal tract lymphomas  22 Cutaneous lymphomas  23 Primary extranodal head and neck lymphomas  24 Lymphoma of the liver  25 Extranodal lymphomas in patients with HIV infection  26 Primary effusion lymphoma  27 Rare sites  28 Extranodal Hodgkin’s lymphoma


    About the editors
    Franco Cavalli is Director of the Institute of Oncology of Southern Switzerland
    Bellinzona, Switzerland
    Harald St ein is Director of the Institut für Pathologie, Charité-Campus Benjamin Franklin,
    Berlin, Germany
    Em anuele Zucca is Head of the Lymphoma Unit at the Institute of Oncology of Southern
    Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland