FLAC and Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics  book cover
1st Edition

FLAC and Numerical Modeling in Geomechanics

ISBN 9789058090744
Published January 1, 1999 by CRC Press
528 Pages

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Book Description

Sixty-five papers cover a wide range of topics from engineering applications to theoretical developments in the areas of embankment and slope stability, underground cavity design and mining; dynamic analysis, soil and structure interaction, and coupled processes and fluid flow.

Table of Contents

Foreword -- Preface -- A Brief History of FLAC -- Embanhnent aml slope stability -- Slope stability analysis with FLAC /E.MDawson & W.H.Roth -- Slope stability analysis based on the shear reduction technique in 3D /A.H.Zettler, R.Poisel, W.Roth & A.Preh -- Lessons learned from slope stability studies /L.Lorig -- Effects of underground nuclear tests in French Polynesia on the stability of atoll flanks /B.Damjanac, E.Detoumay & H.Huang -- Evaluating an old gravity dam on a soft foundation using FLAC /D.S.Kieffer & R.E.Goodman -- Modeling of stability of high westwall at Ok Tedi Copper-Gold Mine /M.A.Coulthard & T.N.Little -- FLAC modeling of the deformation and failure mechanism of a high cut in clay shales /B.D'Elia, F. Esu, P.Tommasi & L Utzeri -- Deformation analysis of the Wahleach rock slope, southwest British Columbia /T.W.G. Stewart & B.D.Ripley -- Analysis of the Aznalcollar pit slope failures - A case study /I.Sjoberg -- FLAC applications for the Kali Gandaki 'A' Hydroelectric Project, Nepal /I.Cogan, D.Pant & G.MJoshi -- Stabilization of deep landslides in overconsolidated clays: 3D back-analyses of centrifuge models /T.Collotta, P.Beretta, M.D'Angelantonio, O.Cianciosi & M.Di Napoli -- Modeling of constructional behaviour for a one hundred meters high embankment in Spain /L.Escuder, J.Andreu & MRechea -- Toompea Hill stability analysis /J.R. Pastarus -- Prediction of soil slope deformation due to wetting /L.Noorany, S.Frydman & CDetournay -- Influence of seepage and soil suction in riverbank stability /M.Masetti & G.Fretti -- Coupled processes and fluid flow -- On the use of FLAC as a tool in predictive exploration /A.Ord, B.E.Hobbs, N.Oliver & J.L.Walshe -- Two-dimensional large strain consolidation prediction and incrementally deposited tailings /C.Dai & P.J.N.Pells -- Solution of thermoporoelastic problems using FLAC /L.Berchenko, C.Detournay & E.Detournay -- A simple procedure to model flow through fractures and double porosity and its practical application /H.Konietzky, Lte Kamp & P.Kamlot -- Nonlinear analysis of deformations around wellbores in shales /X.Chen, CP.Tan & C.M.Haberfield -- Numerical modeling of free surface flow in porous media using FLAC3D /C.Detournay & P.ACundall -- Failure and coUapse analysis -- Modeling of tectonic problems with PAROVOZ: Examples of lithospheric rifting and buckling /A.N.B.Poliakov -- Predicting sub-seismic faulting from strain localisation /M.Gutierrez & F.Cuisiat -- A verification procedure for the use of FLAC to study glacial dynamics and the implementation of an anisotropic flow law /B.A.Marmo & C.J.L Wilson -- Crusher modeling: Dynamic, distinct and continuum /L.B.Clark -- Analysis of model continuously reinforced concrete pavement using FLAC /M.M.Zaman & A.A.Soltani -- Underground cavity design /mining -- Damage around a keyed URL excavation: Change in permeability induced by microcracks growth /M.Souley, F.Homand, D.Hoxha & MChibout -- Elasto-plastic analysis of elliptical cavities in rock subject to non-hydrostatic loading /C.Carranza-Torres & CFairhurst -- Subsidence prediction with FLAC /L.R.Alejano & E.Alonso -- Numerical model simulation of the subsidence induced by solution mining cavities /M.Guarascio, MFabris & £.Castelli -- Interaction effects and stability aspect in contiguous seam mining /A.K.Sinha & S. B. Srivastava -- Analysis of the long-term stability of an ancient room and abandoned pillar mine: Impact of the water level /F.Vinkler & 1 P. Piguet -- 3D 'Steady State' numerical modeling of tunneling and compensation grouting /G.Buchet & A Van Cotthem -- Numerical study of tunnels at shallow depth in an urban area /E.Nordlund -- Numerical analysis of the Boston Red Line tunnels /H.L.Ellis,A.LFeldman & G.1Buechel -- Three-dimensional numerical analysis of the deformations induced by the excavation of the Madrid Metro /L.Medina & Ml Melis -- Dimensioning and stability analysis of segmental tunnel linings undergoing changes in the stress conditions /E.Abazovic & G. Pintar -- The choice of mesh size for accuracy in elastoplastic tunnel FLAC analyses /H.R.Asche -- Nuclear waste isolation -- Use of FLAC in two underground repository projects for low and medium level radioactive waste in Finland /E.W.Johansson -- Thermo-mechanical effects around a radioactive waste repository /E.Hakami & S-O.Olofsson -- Near and far field thermal calculations for nuclear spent fuel disposal in deep geological formations /F.D.E.Cuisiat & F.Besnus -- Thermo-mechanical coupled scoping calculations for tunnels /H.Konietvcy, Lte Kamp, ZRakowski & R.Snuparek -- Nwnerical analysis of shaft stability during successive excavation phases /C.Fabry &l-F.Thimus -- Dynamic analysis -- A synthesized approach for modeling liquefaction and displacements /MB.Beaty & P.MByrne -- Numerical analyses for seismic retrofit design Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, British Colwnbia /E.Naesgaard & MUthayakumar -- Evaluation of liquefaction remediation measures for bridge abutments /T.MLok & MF.Riemer -- Simulation of moment-rotation behavior of a model footing /L-P.Yan & G.R.Martin -- Rock mass softening due to damage quantified by microseismicity /M.Cai, P.KKaiser & CD.Martin -- 3D nwnerical modeling and study of mine tremors induced by coal mining in the vicinity of major faults -A case study /M.A.Kwasniewski &l-AWang -- Seismic analysis of underground hollow structures using FLAC /P.Tan, Y.Moriwaki &P.Qiu -- Dynamic analysis of mining tremor impact on excavation in coal mine /Z.Pilecki -- Modeling of ground-shock wave propagation in soil using FLAC /S.-Q Olofsson, LRosengren & G. Svedbjork -- Earthquake response analysis of reinforced-soil walls using FLAC /R.lBathurst & KHatami -- Soil / structure interaction -- Stave Falls intake excavation FLAC analysis -A case history /B.D.Ripley & P.ARapp -- Piles reinforced soil below a raft foundation /L.F.Albert, £.Nicolini & P.Di Natale -- Pile coupling spring properties for embedded retaining wall analysis /A.l.Pooley -- Nwnerical analysis of earth pressures on an integral bridge abutment /D.MuirWood -- Modeling of an anchored diaphragm wall /A.Szavits-Nossan, MS.Kovacevic & V.Szavits-Nossan -- Check of caisson stability using FLAC3D modeling /J.Maertens, C.Ramaeckers, G.Buchet & N.Terryn -- AFLAC model for a large-diameter pipejacking pipe -- A Vitayasupakorn -- Constitutive models -- Implementing a soil stress-strain model with hysteretic damping in FLAC /M.J.Pender -- Implementing a bounding surface hypoplasticity model for sand into the FLAC program /Z-L Wang & RLMakdisi -- Non-associative models inFLAC /N.Boukpeti &ADrescher -- Implementation of a viscoplastic model in FLAC to investigate rate of mining problems /D.R.Malan -- FLAC simulation of triaxial and compaction tests of an unconsolidated reservoir sand /L.A.Garagash, V.N.Nikolaevski & J.W.Dudley II -- Author index.

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