1st Edition

Face of Imperialism

ISBN 9781594519185
Published April 30, 2011 by Routledge
160 Pages

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Book Description

The relationship between US economic and military power is not often considered within mainstream commentary. Similarly the connection between US military interventions overseas and US domestic problems is rarely considered in any detail. In this brilliant new book, Michael Parenti reveals the true face of US imperialism. He documents how it promotes unjust policies across the globe including expropriation of natural resources, privatisation, debt burdens and suppression of democratic movements. He then demonstrates how this feeds into deteriorating living standards in the US itself, leading to increased poverty, decaying infrastructure and impending ecological disaster. The Face of Imperialism redefines empire and imperialism and connects the crisis in the US with its military escapades across the world.


“Michael Parenti’s The Face of Imperialism is a powerful, frightening, and honest
book. It will be hated by those who run the Empire, and it will be loved by people
who are searching for truth amidst the piles of garbage of Western propaganda.
Above all, this book will be like a bright spark of hope for billions of men, women,
and children who are fighting this very moment for survival, defending themselves
against the Empire and against all monstrous faces and masks of imperialism.”
—Andre Vltchek, author of Western Terror: From Potosi to Baghdad

“A searing indictment of the ruthless nature of imperial capitalism. Eloquent, deeply researched,
and beautifully argued, The Face of Imperialism is a truly wonderful book
that is essential for understanding the world we live in. Parenti’s compassionate
voice is a much-needed corrective to the lies we are routinely fed.”
—Gregory Elich, author of Strange Liberators: Militarism, Mayhem,
and the Pursuit of Profit

“Michael Parenti’s study of imperialism provides a timely and incisive framework for
understanding the upheavals in North Africa and the Middle East. His analysis of the
links between autocrats and Washington is essential to comprehend the powerful
tide of hostility that informs the popular revolutions.”
—James Petras, Bartle Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University

“Parenti’s new book, The Face of Imperialism, is by far the best and boldest of all
his formidable work. It meticulously exposes the disastrous consequences of the
greed of multinational (mostly U.S.) corporations, and it documents how and why
they control our government, which claims to foster democracy but systematically
supports the dictatorships that cater to the profit motives of those corporations.”
—John Gerassi, Queens College and the Graduate Center of CUNY and author of
Great Fear in Latin America and Talking with Sartre: Conversations and Debates

“Progressive political analyst, Parenti, considers US imperialism and its costs, effects, and manifestations around the globe. An outspoken critic, Parenti pulls no punches when discussing the actions of US corporate and military powers. In chapters like “Why Rulers Seek Global Dominion,” “Globalization for the Few” and “The Omnipresent Arsenal” he argues persuasively against the belief that capitalism fosters democracy and urges a healthy skepticism of the dominant paradigm.” –Eithne O’Leyne, August 2011 Reference and Research Book News