1st Edition

Facets Of Buddhism

By Iida Copyright 1993
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    176 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The author presents a selection of papers written over the last twenty or so years, spanning the period from early research into the then nearly unknown Madhyamika writer Bhavaviveka or Bhavya, amongst Tibetan refugees in India, up to the recent past where there interests have, perhaps, somewhat broadened to include comparative religion. The author has moe or less left the essays in their original form and has introduced some consistency in the citing of the names of Japanese scholars in order to aid the English speaking reader unfamiliar with Japanese.

    I Buddhist Studies over the Himalayan Hills, II Re-turning Gautama's Wheel, III Notes on Buddhist Causation and Tolerance, IV Towards a Second Look at Visual Mode in Buddhist Tradition, V A Contribution Towards the 'Sudden' vs. 'Gradual' Controversy by Bhik~u 'Phags Pa (1235-80), VI Buddhist Dimensions in the Japanese No Play, Yamamba (Old Woman of the Mountains), VII Buddhist Idealism Reflected in The Sea of Fertility (Bojo no Umi) of Yukia Mishima (1925-70) with Takao Hakiwara VIII A Far Eastern Hermeneutic Criterion IX A Lotus in the Sun-An Aspect of the Soka Gakkai in Japan, X Buddhist and Safi Philosophers in 'Emptiness and Action'-toward Transcendent Unity of Mysticisms.


    Shotaro Iida