1st Edition

Facilities Management Models, Methods and Tools Research Results for Practice

Edited By Per Anker Jensen Copyright 2019
    356 Pages
    by Routledge

    356 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book presents research tested models, methods and tools that can make the work of the facilities manager more robust and sustainable, help long-term strategic planning and support students and practitioners in FM to improve the way they approach and deal with challenges in practice.

    The 34 models, methods and tools are presented in relation to five typical challenges for facilities managers:

    • Strategy development

    • Organisational design

    • Space planning

    • Building projects

    • Optimisation

    The chapters are short and concise, presenting a central illustration of one model, method or tool with explanatory text and short, exemplary case studies. Each chapter includes references to further reading, and the book includes a keyword index. Essential reading for all involved in the management of built assets, this book bridges the gap between robust academic research and practical industry tools. It can also be used as a handy student reference.



    A.I Strategy Development

    1. Scenarios for FM in the future

    2. Adaptation between FM product and process

    3. Strategies for sustainable FM

    4. Drivers for service innovation

    A.II Organisational Design

    5. Organisation of FM in relation to core business

    6. Collaboration with external providers

    7. Capacity building in FM organisations

    8. Establishing property centres

    A.III Space Planning

    9. Typology for office workplaces

    10. Value-based space optimisation

    11. How to share space

    12. Creativity and facilities

    A.IV Building Project

    13. User friendly building

    14. Climate change and buildings

    15. Sustainability of renovation projects

    16. Maturity model for strategic partnerships

    17. From FM to building

    A.V Optimisation

    18. FM as creater of added value

    19. Collaboration on value creation in FM innovation

    20. Person profiles as a basis for service innovation

    21. Energy effective FM

    22. How IT gives added value for FM


    B.I Facilities that support users and activities

    1. Typology for office workplaces – Juriaan van Meel

    1. Creativity and facilities - Birgitte Hoffmann
    2. User-friendly building – Aneta Fronczek-Munter
    3. Value-based space optimisation – Mette Tinsfeldt
    4. How to share space – Rikke Brinkø Berg
    5. B.II Sustainability from goal to action

    6. Strategies for sustainable FM – Susanne Balslev Nielsen
    7. Capacity building in FM organisations – Kirsten Ramskov Galamba
    8. Climate change and buildings – Rimante Cox
    9. ESCO as method for learning in FM organisations – Jesper Ole Jensen
    10. Sustainability in building renovation projects - Per Anker Jensen
    11. Energy efficient FM – Christian Stenqvist
    12. Improving the environmental performance of buildings – Esmir Maslesa
    13. B.III Innovation and partnerships

    14. Innovation system for the FM sector – Per Anker Jensen
    15. ICT in the FM supply chain – Ada Scupola
    16. Drivers for service innovation – Giulia Nardelli
    17. Management of innovation in FM – Giulia Nardelli
    18. Collaboration on value-creation in FM innovation – Giulia Nardelli
    19. Person profiles as a basis for service innovation – Anne Vorre Hansen
    20. Public-Private Partnerships and FM – Kristian Kristiansen
    21. Collaboration with external providers – Kresten Storgaard
    22. Maturity model for strategic partnerships – Jakob Brinkø Berg
    23. B.IV Transfer of knowledge from FM to building projects

    24. From FM to building – Per Anker Jensen
    25. Operational oriented building process – Poul Henrik Due
    26. Communities of practice as learning tool - Torben Damgaard
    27. Integrating operational knowledge in design - Helle Lohmann Rasmussen
    28. B.V FM and added value

    29. FM Value Map – Per Anker Jensen
    30. Adaptation between FM product and process – Akarapong Katchamart
    31. Value adding management – Per Anker Jensen
    32. How IT gives added value to FM – Poul Ebbesen
    33. FM as creator of added value – Per Anker Jensen
    34. B.VI FM as sector and discipline

    35. FM as an industrial sector – Per Anker Jensen
    36. Development of the integrated FM function – Per Anker Jensen
    37. Organisation of FM in relation to core business – Per Anker Jensen
    38. The strategic FM organisation in housing associations – Per Anker Jensen
    39. Establishing of property centres – Susanne Balslev Nielsen
    40. Knowledge map for FM – Per Anker Jensen
    41. Scenarios for FM in the future – Per Anker Jensen


    Per Anker Jensen is professor in Facilities Management and head of the externally funded Centre for Facilities Management – Realdania Research at the Technical University of Denmark since 2008. He holds the degrees of MSc in civil engineering and a PhD and MBA. Besides research and teaching, he has 20 years of experience from practice as consultant, project manager and facilities manager.