1st Edition

Facing Postmodernity Contemporary French Thought

By Max Silverman Copyright 1999

    Facing Postmodernity explains French cultural theory by grounding it in the politics of the issues facing France today such as:
    * the breaking of the city
    * racism
    * the crisis of culture
    * new citizenship.
    It discusses some of the major responses to postmodernity by contemporary French thinkers, both the very well known -Lyotard, Levinas, Derrida - and those who will be less familiar to a non-French audience. In doing so, it addresses the questions central to the postmodern debate whatever country it takes place in; questions of history, of representation, identity and community.

    Introduction; Chapter 1 In the shadow of the Holocaust; Chapter 2 New racisms; Chapter 3 City spaces; Chapter 4 Cultural debates; Chapter 5 Citizens all? Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index;


    Max Silverman is senior lecturer in French at the University of Leeds.