1st Edition

Factional Politics and Democratization

    202 Pages
    by Routledge

    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book addresses the nature of factionalism in parties that are created or rebuilt after a period of dictatorship. It maintains that, while party leaders often view factions in negative terms as divisive, factional behaviour can also be constructive. The volume brings together detailed case studies from post-authoritarian Spain, Greece and Portugal, from Turkey (where factionalism has hampered democratization) and from the post-communist states in Eastern Europe.

    Introduction, Michael Waller, Richard Gillespie; Chapter 1 Party Systems, Factionalism and Patterns of Democratization, Geoffrey Pridham; Chapter 2 The Centre-Right in Spain, 1976–82, Lourdes López Nieto; Chapter 3 Factionalism, the Left and the Transition to Democracy in Spain, Richard Gillespie; Chapter 4 Party Factionalism and Democratization in Portugal, David Corkill; Chapter 5 From Factionalism to Autocracy, Konstantinos Ifantis; Chapter 6 Party Factionalism in New Small Southern European Democracies, José M. Magone; Chapter 7 Poland and Eastern Europe, Paul G. Lewis; Chapter 8 Factions and Factionalism in Hungary’s New Party System, Bill Lomax; Chapter 9 Factionalism in Parliamentary Parties in the Czech Republic, Petr Kopecký; Chapter 10 Making and Breaking, Michael Waller; Chapter 11 Pernicious Party Factionalism as a Constant of Transitions to Democracy in Turkey, Huri Türsan; conclusions Conclusions;


    Richard Gillespie

    'A good and interesting collection of chapters ... a very good empirical starting point for a better understanding of factionalism.' - South European Society and Politics