1st Edition

Factor VIII - von WIllebrand Factor, Volume I

By M. J. Seghatchian, G. F. Savidge Copyright 1989

    This book extensively reviews the purification and structure/function relationships of Factor VIII - von Willebrand Factor with the relevance of advances in the areas of biochemical, methodological and functional aspects to improved methodology and biotechnology.

    1. The Purification, Structure, and Function of Factor VIII 2. Advances in Biotechnology of Factor VIII 3. Purification, Biochemistry, and Structure/Function Relationships of vWf 4. Molecular Cloning of Genetic Material Encoding vWf 5. Advances in Amidolytic Assay of Factor VIII: Variables Affecting the Rate of Xa Generation 6. Progress in vWf Methodology and Its Relevance in vWD 7. Advances in Immunochemical Aspects of vWD 8. vWf and the Vessel Wall 9. vWf, Platelets, and Megakaryocytes 10. Electron Microscopic Studies of vWf in Platelets and Megakaryocytes 11. Interaction of Surface-Bound Factor VIII with Other Coagulation Factors 12. Interaction of Factor VIII with vWf in Mixed Immunoradiometric Assay Systems 13. Interaction of Cell Proteases with Factor VIII and vWf 14. Interaction of Factor VIII/vWf with Solid Matrices and Matrix-Bound Ligands 15. Factor VIII in Regional Blood Banking Practice 16. Advances in Plasma Fractionation and in the Production of Factor VIII Concentrates 17. Virus Transmission by Factor VIII Products


    M. J. Seghatchian (Author) , G. F. Savidge (Author