1st Edition

Factorization in Integral Domains

ISBN 9780824700324
Published April 22, 1997 by CRC Press
448 Pages

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Book Description

The contents in this work are taken from both the University of Iowa's Conference on Factorization in Integral Domains, and the 909th Meeting of the American Mathematical Society's Special Session in Commutative Ring Theory held in Iowa City. The text gathers current work on factorization in integral domains and monoids, and the theory of divisibility, emphasizing possible different lengths of factorization into irreducible elements.

Table of Contents

Elasticity of factorizations in integral domains - a survey; finitely generated monoids, finitely primary monoids, and factorization properties of integral domains; Krull domains and monoids, their sets of lengths, and associated combinatorial problems; the catenary degree and tameness of factorizations in weakly Krull domains; the theory of divisibility; some generalizations of GCD-domains; factorization in commutative rings with zero divisors, II* On t-invertibility, IV; factorization in subrings of k[X] or k[[X]]; factorization in K[[S]]; invariant theory in characteristic p - Hazlett's symbolic method for binary quantics; a basis for the ring of polynomials interger-valued on prime numbers; factorization of bonds and other cash flows; a characterization of polynomial rings with the half-factorial property; on characterizations of Prufer domains using polynomial with unit contents; on flat divided prime ideals; on Henselian pullbacks; an intersection condition for prime ideals; Genus class groups and separable base change; generalized closures; coefficient and stable ideals in polynomial rings; almost generalized GCD-domains; polynomial behaviour of prime ideals in polynomial rings and projective line over Z; characterizing when R(X) is completely integrally closed; on root closure in Noetherian domains.

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