Factors Affecting Calf Crop  book cover
1st Edition

Factors Affecting Calf Crop

ISBN 9780849387548
Published November 23, 1993 by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

Factors Affecting Calf Crop summarizes the latest information available from leading cattle physiologists and geneticists regarding factors known to influence the production of live calves at weaning. You get practical information on management techniques for improving reproduction efficiency in the herd. You'll also learn about the functioning of the reproductive system and how this may affect reproductive processes in the cow herd. Managers will benefit from a clearer understanding of the factors known to limit efficient reproduction, while veterinarians and other professionals who advise cattlemen will appreciate the substantial reference material and color photographs for defining cow condition scores. Color photographs are also used to illustrate the discussions of testicular thermographies and their applications.
Other chapters in the book cover developments in improving reproductive performance of the replacement heifer, the brood cow, and the bull. Topics on reproduction include physiology/endocrinology, the use of growth promotants, genetics and physiological and economic considerations in selecting the age to breed heifers, heritability of fertility, length of the breeding season, prepartum and postpartum nutrition, nursing by the calf, cloning of embryos, and much more.

Table of Contents

Challenges for Improving Calf Crop (J.N. Wiltbank). Unique Reproductive Traits of Brahman and Brahman Based Cows (R.D. Randel). Genetic Influences on Reproductive Performance of Two-Year-Old Beef Females (J.S. Brinks). Breeding Heifers at One Year of Age: Biological and Economic Considerations (R.E. Short, R.B. Staigmiller, R.A. Bellows, and R.C. Greer). Management Factors Affecting Puberty in the Heifer (J.E. Kinder, M.S. Roberson, M.W. Wolfe, and T.T. Stumpf). Use of Growth Promotants in Replacement Heifers (D.D. Hargrove). Challenges for Improving Reproduction in the Florida Brood Cow (A.C. Warnick). Reproductive Losses in the Beef Industry (R.A. Bellows and R.E. Short). Embryonic Losses: Cause and Prevention (W.W. Thatcher, K.L. Macmillan, P.J. Hansen, and F.W. Bazer). Management of Nutritional Factors Affecting the Prepartum and Postpartum Cow (R.P. Wettemann). Effect of Body Condition on Productivity in Beef Cattle (W.E. Kunkle, R.S. Sand ad D.O. Rae). Effect of Suckling on Postpartum Reproduction (R.E. Short, R.B. Staigmiller, R.A. Bellows, D.C. Adams, and J.G. Beradinelli). Breeding Season Length Versus Calving Percentage in Beef Cattle Herds (R.E. Larsen, S.C. Denham, J.F. Boucher, and E.L. Adams). Selection for Fertility (R.A. Bellows and R.B. Staigmiller). Importance of Genotype X Environment Interactions in Reproductive Traits of Cattle (E.R. Hauser). Heterosis and Breed Effects on Reproduction (R.M. Koch, L.V. Cundiff, and K.E. Gregory). The Effect of Cow Size on Reproduction (T.A. Olson). Synchronization of Estrus in Cattle (K.G. Odde and M.D. Holland). Keep Herd Health Simple and Make it Fit the Beef Cattle Operation (E.J. Richey). Effect of Hormones in the Environment on Reproduction in Cattle (M. Shemesh and L.S. Shore). Calving Assistance and Immediate Postpartum Care (M. Drost). Beef Bull Fertility: Factors Affecting Seminal Quality (G.H. Coulter). Bull Behavior, Sex-Drive and Management (P.J. Chenoweth). Reproductive Characteristics of the Brahman and Brahman Based Bull (R.D. Randel). Behavioral Characteristics of Zebu Cattle with Emphasis on Reproductive Efficiency (C.S. Galina, A. Orihuela, and I. Rubio). Relationships of Scrotal Circumference to Puberty and Subsequent Reproductive Performance in Male and Female Offspring (J.S. Brinks). Implications of Sexed Semen on the Beef Industry (M.M. Pace). New Advances in Reproductive Technologies (N.L. First).

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