1st Edition

Family Abuse and the Bible The Scriptural Perspective

    158 Pages
    by Routledge

    158 Pages
    by Routledge

    Learn the fundamental distinctions with this thoughtful study of Christ-ordained marriage!

    This unique volume reconciles a Biblical interpretation of marriage with the reality of domestic violence. Designed to raise awareness of abuse issues within the born-again community, Family Abuse and the Bible: The Scriptural Perspective works to promote the genuine sanctity of marriage and headship of the husband by examining the ways this God-given position can be subverted by Satan. It combines close Biblical exegesis with psychological insight into the effects of verbal, sexual, physical, and spiritual abuse.

    Family Abuse and the Bible offers new hope to conservative Christian women in abusive relationships. It demonstrates that abuse is not the will of God and that submission to violence is actually giving in to demonic forces. The tools in this book can ultimately free them from the horror of an abuse they may feel is ordained by God, while leaving them with an intact source of strength in their faith.

    Secular therapists and counselors will find Family Abuse and the Bible an essential resource that can help them remain sensitive to the needs of abused Christian women. This book explains conservative Christian beliefs about marriage, while providing powerful Biblical justifications that will reach Christian clients when secular ideas fail.

    Family Abuse and the Bible offers a clear-sighted Scriptural interpretation of domestic violence issues, including:

    • the link between drugs and demonic possession
    • the ways abusers twist the Scriptures to justify their ungodly actions
    • the cycle of violence
    • the role of repentance and forgiveness
    • the difference between Biblical headship and abuse

      This book is an essential tool for pastors, Christian counselors, and family therapists who work with Christian clients and also for husbands and wives who want the Lord’s will for their marriage.

    • Foreword
    • Preface
    • Section I: God’s Design for Family Relationships
    • Chapter 1. The Roles of Marriage: Headship and Submission
    • Chapter 2. The Nature of Woman: Woman As the Vulnerable Partner
    • Chapter 3. The Nature of Man: Man As the Responsible Partner
    • Chapter 4. God’s Design for Parenthood: Spare Not the Rod
    • Chapter 5. The Child’s Role: The Fifth Commandment
    • Section II: The Enemy in Our Relationships
    • Chapter 6. The Root of the War
    • Chapter 7. Satan’s Plan: Spiritual Warfare on the Homefront
    • Chapter 8. Satan’s Strategies, Character, and Nature
    • Section III: Manifestations of Demonic Influence: The Hard Truth About Family Violence
    • Chapter 9. Some Facts About Domestic Violence: Till Death Do Us Part?
    • Chapter 10. The Five Types of Abuse
    • Chapter 11. Demonic Possession and Oppression
    • Chapter 12. The Abusive Spouse: Why Abuse Continues
    • Chapter 13. The Abused Spouse: Spiritual Justifications for Abuse
    • Section VI: God’s Plans and Instructions for a Troubled Relationship
    • Chapter 14. Spiritual Armor
    • Chapter 15. The Accountability of the Abuser: Repentance and Forgiveness
    • Chapter 16. The Accountability of the Abused: Accepting Leadership
    • Chapter 17. The Believer and Divorce
    • Chapter 18. Rewards of Faithfulness: The Redemption of Ruth
    • References
    • Additional Resources
    • Suggested Reading
    • Index


    Aimee K Cassiday-Shaw